Celebrate Sisters – Scrapbook Layout

Celebrate Sisters

Today is National Scrapbooking Day! It’s been awhile since I’ve scrapped – for a long time, my scrapbooks stood shut and my supplies lay untouched as I worked through the aftermath of several devastating losses in my life.

This morning, however, as I thought about the significance of this day and the reasons I scrap – I realized how grateful I am for the many memories I’ve preserved along the way. While it’s important to share our scrapbooks with loved ones while they’re alive, it’s not until they’re gone that we realize what a priceless gift we’ve created.

I love Celebrate Sisters because of the many memories this layout evokes – memories not just journaled on a page, but deeply etched in my heart. Seeing these photos reminds me that scrapbooking isn’t just about the prettiest papers or the latest embellishments – it’s about creating pages that record the story of your life.

Today’s layout is dedicated, in loving memory, to my sister Jackie.

Once you create your personal scrapbooks and share them with families and friends, chances are they will want copies for their very own! The easiest way to share your precious memories with them is through the magic of digital scrapbooking.

Companies like Mixbook make it easy to create stunning photobooks and memory books that your family and friends will cherish. You’ll want a digital scrapbook for yourself too because they’re easier to transport and share then your originals!

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4 Responses to “Celebrate Sisters – Scrapbook Layout”

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  1. Stef H (Glitterbabe) says:

    pretty page.

    pretty blog too!

  2. Betty Anne says:

    What a beautiful page Ramona. I to lost a sister far to young. Although it has been a few years now I still think of her often. She is part of the reason I started scrapbooking.

  3. Susan says:

    Lovely L/O and you are sooo very right about the main point of scrapbooking!
    I am sorry and saddened to hear you have had some losses recently.

  4. Maron says:

    What a nice tribute to the memory of your sister. Art heals…

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