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Welcome to the Where Bloggers Create II party at Create With Joy! Thanks to the vision of Karen Valentine, I am joining 450+ bloggers in an event where creative folk from all genres open the doors to their creative spaces and invite you in for a peek! Now, when I first signed up for this event, I admit – my creative space left much to be desired! It was bursting at the seams from “stuff”. I’d long run out of shelf space and was quickly running out of floor space too! So, I decided to use this event as motivation to get my studio in order.

I set four goals. Declutter. Create some open space. Organize in zones – that is, keep similar items together and frequently used items nearby. And, beautify my space by displaying my favorite items.

My crafty Maine Coon, Legend, loves the new look – he personally inspected each nook and cranny along the way! Curious? Well, I have plenty to show and plenty to tell, so, without further adieu, come inside – let’s begin the tour!

My studio is centrally located in our home. I love bells, so on the door, I have a pillow with bells that indicates whether I am “at work” or “at play”. Guess what I’m up to today?

This is the view when you walk in the room. As you can see, I am blessed with a large desk! It is rarely this clear, however – usually, it is filled with cats and my current projects!

When I am not blogging, I am frequently paper crafting. I am inspired by color, and motivated by visual and functional accessibility, so I like to keep as many of my tools nearby as possible. I love having instant access to all of my ink pads and markers, as well as a few of my cutting tools and adhesives.

Oh my word! When is the last time a lady let you peek inside of her drawers? Well, just this once… I wanted to show you the drawer organizer I made for my Stickles, Just Rite Stampers, and a few crafty odds and ends.

Behind my desk is a row of cabinets my husband designed for me when we moved here. At one point in time, all of the cubbyholes and the entire top of the shelves were filled with magazines and stuff. When I got my cats, I decided I wanted to keep the cabinet tops clear so that they could perch and enjoy the window.

I recently “planted” the flower and embellishment garden in the cubbyholes – I love having my flowers nearby and I love looking at them on a daily basis! This new arrangement is so much nicer than the boxes that were previously stuffed in the holes. Here are some close-ups of the pretties in each of the compartments:

Now I bet you’re wondering what’s behind those cabinet doors… paper, what else! My husband converted a few of these cabinets from 4 shelves to 2 shelves to maximize the space, and I spent the past few days tracking down all of the 12 x 12 paper I could find to fit into that space so that I can continue to organize it all as I have the time! I’ll tell you more about those efforts in a future post…

Now, if you turn left, you’ll see my newly reorganized wall of bookshelves that houses, among other things, stamps, embellishments, punches, chipboard, paint, adhesives, ribbons, and fibers.

Here’s the view from my desk:

We’re almost done with our tour but perhaps you’re wondering where all of the books are? As you head towards the door, you’ll notice bookshelves in the hallway that house my creative library – here’s a peek at a few of the shelves!

Don’t forget to turn the lights out on your way out…

Thank you so much for stopping by! While you’re here, I invite you to explore my blog – I’ve highlighted some organizational posts on my sidebar!

If this is your first introduction to the Where Bloggers Create II Party, be sure to visit the other participants when you can! I’ve been to a number of sites already and am amazed by the diversity in the beautiful spaces I have seen!

And thanks to Karen Valentine, Jo Packman, and the staff of Where Women Create Magazine for making this event possible!

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  1. Theresa says:

    Great organization! Really like how you have your paper so organized! Thanks for the tour!

  2. Something Special says:

    I have loved visiting your creative place. You have everything organized so well. That is one nice scrapbooking and paper crafting room! Thanks for always visiting my blog and the sweet comments that you make. Did you know that I have a paper crafting blog as well. askmichelespecialpaperprojects.blogspot.com

  3. Abby's Garden says:

    I'm so jealous of that huge table and you're organizational ideas are awesome!

  4. Pallas says:

    Your studio is fabulous! And, the kitties are pretty cute too. I will be back again soon to explore some more.

  5. Creative Grammie says:

    I just love your studio! With a space like that for my papercrafting, I could leave my big shot pro on the table; it's so heavy, and the paper cutter.
    Your supplies are so well organized, they're actually decorations itself.
    I enjoyed my visit, thanks for sharing.

  6. *** Suzi B *** says:

    Oh WOW!…. I've just turned green!

    I'm so untidy.. my spare room, making room etc has to be seen to be believed!

  7. Magpie's Mumblings says:

    You have a pretty nice studio assistant I see! Love how you use your paper flowers as decor – great idea. Thanks so much for the tour.

  8. Tins and Treasures says:

    Good Morning,
    Your studio is fabulous…You have the best and biggest desk I seen! And everything there is so organized. Can you come stay with me for a week?!

    Yes, I am still visiting the participants in the 'Where Bloggers Create' event…and having a great time! Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

  9. . says:

    Lovely space, and your two working mates look like they keep you both company and busy : )
    Great storage ideas.

  10. Gail says:

    Hi the bloggerette sister, what a wonderful space you have to work in, and that desk, oh my!. I have enjoyed seeing how you have things organized. I can't believe all the ink pads you have there, WOW (I have 5, lol). Do stop by and visit my studio in progress.
    Gail – Big Horn Mountain Creations

  11. scrappingwithsherry1 says:

    Where do I start! I am a papercrafter and would love to have all that table space! Unfortunately it would take up my whole room. I also like to have all of my flowers in view and have always collected them. Have never heard anyone refer to them as a garden and thought that was great! The photo that shows the view from your desk has a blue box that looks like a envelope. Did you get that on QVC? I have one but it is pink and came with an assortment of cards to make. A matter of fact I miss all the goodies on QVC. Thanks for sharig your space~ Sherry F.

  12. zurin says:

    What a lovely creative room you have to create in! I wish i was as organized as you are… An d a little more space wouldnt hurt either 🙂 tq for dropping by my blog. u have a fabulous blog yourself! Im amazed.Il definitely be exploring 🙂

  13. ♥ Roberta ♥ says:

    yeah I have room envy too!!! lovely, I love your jars!! I am following you 🙂

  14. Crystal says:

    Oh My, I envy your organizational skills!
    I found your blog via Fun Friday blog hop and now following. You have inspired me this morning to dig out my scrapbooking supplies! 🙂
    Lovely blog, hope you can drop by mine and follow back!

  15. Krajcimama says:

    I'm stopping by from Friendly Friday Follow to follow your blog and look around – I just LOVE this space!

    Right now we are in a house that is way too small for us. When we bought the house there was only DH and I…now we have 4 kiddos and desperately need a new house! I'm hoping to have a room to myself when we make the move – I think we all should have our own space! Beautiful – I'm jealous! hehehe

  16. Stacy Uncorked says:

    I am so loving your crafting space! I'm working on converting our guest room into my craft space…you've inspired me to really go to town! 😉

    Stopping by from Follow Friday 40 and Over – I'm following you now! 🙂

    Aloha: Haloween Dress-Up

  17. Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf says:

    Oh my word, I am totally envious of your work space and all the stuff you have.
    My work space is a regular size desk or sometimes the kitchen table. My art-y stuff is now organized but in a large picnic basket I converted.

    Oh, I must go shopping!

    ~Naila Moon

  18. Katie Burke says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your creative space in the Bella B Designs Inspire Me With YOUR Creative Space Link Party/Blog Hop! It has been such a great inspiration to have all the ideas!

    I have another hop starting today at http://bellabdesigns.blogspot.com/2011/01/share-more-monday-show-me-your-favorite.html. It is on repurposed items! Hope you will join in!

  19. Karen Day says:

    Oh, that desk! Absolute heaven. Thanks for sharing your space with us at H2H this week!

  20. Melinda says:

    I am coveting your room! Love your feline companions as well.

  21. Alicia C. says:

    Oh, man! Can I come over to your house for a playdate?!

  22. SouthernCouponer says:

    Hey! I'm following your blog from the blog hop. Great website! If you get a chance, check out my blog Southern Couponer.

  23. Marianne says:

    What a beautiful romm…i would have thought this was a store! This gives me an idea…i will be hopping back here (i GFC with you) for ideas for my cards! and for my blog. it is just that a blah bloggy blog. need to organize it! Thanks for sharing

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