WOYWW 25: Legend & The Label Maker

There is something new and mysterious on Mom’s desk today. 

It’s not the papers. Mom keeps lots of papers for me to play with in her palace.

I found it! It’s a little machine that makes whirring noises after Mom plays with it.

Ooh, what’s this? It spits out little pieces of paper too? 

I must have a closer look!

Hmmm… I think that paper would be fun to hunt when Mom isn’t looking!

What a great new game this is! Poor Bluebeard – he misses out on all the fun!

When I catch these papers, I will eat them – I will swallow them faster than Mom can grab them!

Uh oh – Mom is coming! Let me take one last swat and show this thing who’s the master here!

Green machine – I’ll be back! I know where you live. But for now, it’s back to my role as Mom’s sweet fur angel. Will you keep my secret safe? Please leave a comment so I’ll know for sure!

Oh yeah… So I don’t get in trouble – here’s what Mom did with her labels! As you may know, she’s been busy beautifying the Paper Palace – today she organized the first of her paper shelves! If you’d like, stop by and tour her studio makeover! Be sure to check out her giveaway too!

What’s On Your Workspace Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground. If you’d like to participate – or if you’d like to see what others are up to – please stop by and say hello to Mom’s wonderful group of friends!

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  1. Tracey says:

    Love your post, made me chuckle, ummm, something else I think I need.

  2. Foil Play says:

    Legend looks like he is having great fun – hope you manage to salvage a few labels 🙂

    I have to confess to having occasionally printed labels on my dymo printer just to tease my cat, who was fascinated by it!

  3. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    I am loving this post. I laughed so hard, I nearly wet my pants. Legend has a way with getting into trouble, and being allowed in your studio has its perks. Yep, Bleubeard feels so left out, but Legend is so lucky to have YOU. And I love that you labeled everything. It makes organizing so much easier. I'm still laughing.

  4. Sarah Somerset says:

    oh yes I need a label printer! x

  5. craftimamma says:

    What a fab little machine and thanks for sharing the wonderful pics of your furry friend.

    Lesley Xx

  6. Phree says:

    OK Legend, I promise – my lips are sealed – I won't breath a word. Mind you I wish I had it in me to be as organised and tidy as your mum has done with her papers.

  7. Grace says:

    I just love this post. Your kitty is just so adorable. Reminds me of my orange tabby, Baby Dew when I use my printer. It totally fascinates her. Legend is a gorgeous cat. His size & coloring remind me of my older tabby Charlie. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sally says:

    I love your post. It made my day.

  9. Brynwood Needleworks says:

    Hi Ramona:
    Legend is so darn cute! Thanks for sharing his printer experience! Have a great day.

  10. Marlene says:

    I love your kitty!!!

  11. Marie Lost Bird Studio says:

    Hi Ramona,
    what a great post.TFS and thanks for posting my giveaway.I'll be back for a longer visit.
    Have a wonderful day.

  12. Julia Dunnit says:

    Ah a labelling machine just totally confirms it Ramona. You will label and abide by the labels won't you. You might even get itchy teeth if you discover mis-filed stuff. Me – I over ride labels and end up saying to people who bother to look -'oh journalling cards? – in thebox marked metal embellishments'….there is no hope. Although I do love a good gadget!!

  13. Wipso says:

    Thank you for my first smile of today. What a brilliant blog 🙂
    A x

  14. Penni says:

    Super post Ramona. Legend really is a fab hunter !!!! It's great to see him caught in the act 😉


  15. Van (Vung) says:

    Love the post. At first I was saying to myself, "What is she talking about?" and then I realized the instant I saw the cat. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Sunshine Girl says:

    What a great workspace and helper you have there!

  17. The Lone Dollier says:

    I was laughing the entire time! You should see my cat Rascals when she hears the printer start up. You'd swear she was getting ready to pounce on the thing.


  18. Rita says:

    My DIL, Leah, has a labelmaker and we've really been able to get even more organized. They're awesome! Love the pics of Legend checking out the new machine!! :):)

  19. Elisa K says:

    Hello Ramona,

    I wanted to thank you for your lovely post on my blog. Love your blog btw and your kitty is gorgeous and talented… hehe

  20. Lynn Stevens says:

    Ramona! your kitty was so curious with your label maker, tooo cute! Which reminds me I need more tape for mine!
    sweet post!

  21. Sarah Anderson says:

    Love the fact that you have a cat on your workspace on WOYWW! My dog was under my worktable yesterday, which explained why my sewing machine mysteriously started sewing on it's own lol!
    Thanks for coming by my blog on the usartquest blog hop. Fingers crossed for you re winning the gilding kit!

  22. Karen says:

    If you come home one night and that GORGEOUS cat is gone – don't come looking for him at my house. 🙂
    He is beautiful. Makes you just want to bury your face in all his fur and listen to him purr.
    🙂 Karen

  23. zandra says:

    Hi, we must be party animals, sister! I'm back for the Sisterhood of the Bloggerette's Party. have a great weekend.

  24. Heather x says:

    oh that new label machine looks fun….is it expensive and I suppose it takes special paper and ink?
    *hugs* Heather x

  25. Cathee says:

    Sounds just like my fur baby Grace(a maine Coon)and her sister sprout a norwegian forest cat!! they are a pair and love to play in my…I mean their craft room!

  26. Reta says:

    As I promised yesterday to search for your lastest blog featuring Legend and the label machine when I went to work. Well as I read each caption under the various pictures of curious Legend my grin got bigger and bigger and a tear formed in one eye. You're a genius in capturing the mood of the cat! He's really a ham in posing for the various shots,and he has no bad hair days so to speak. (Smile) This blog will warrent you a call tonight. LOL

  27. Reta says:

    I'll try to keep up with your latest offerings and all the comments regarding them for the balance of this month.

  28. Paula Gale says:

    Oh Ramona – thats brill – i can imagine actually being there while he was doing that – aren't they hilarious… I'm loving the label maker too… need one of those (what don't i need LOL)

    Brill post – thank you so much.

    Paula x x x


    Your cat is funnnnnnnyyyyy x


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