WOYWW 36: Friends For Lulu


A few weeks ago, while taking the What’s On Your Workspace Wednesday tour, I came across a headline on Wipso’s blog that caught my eye. It was entitled A Flying Elephant and it featured Lulu, an adorable, Australia-bound pink elephant!

So, I wanted to share that I have an adorable pink elephant of my own that would be the perfect companion for Lulu if she ever visits the States! Her name is Candy and I originally got her as a playmate for my kittens, but decided she was too cute to have her delicate footsies batted around by rough little boy paws, so I found her a cozy perch high on my CD cabinet where she happily nests, safe from paws and claws. She’s not alone – she hangs with several friends, including her best buddy!

So, what’s on your desk this Wednesday? Come share it with Julia and friends at WOYWW – as you can see, you never know who’ll you’ll meet on the circuit!

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  1. Wipso says:

    Thanks for that. You've made me smile today. Love your elephant.
    A x

  2. Claireliz says:

    they are cute

  3. Leanne says:

    Hi Candy – nice to meet you! Hope to see you next week too ;o)

    'See' you next week!


  4. Jamarah Crafty Creations says:

    Hi from your latest follower. Just calling by via Wednesday Blog Hop. Love meeting new people here and reading about their lives. They are so cute. Thanks for sharing.Come by and check out my blog http://www.jamarahcraftycreations.blogspot.com

  5. jen says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and saying hello!
    I enjoyed looking around at your site and am one of your newest followers!
    Maybe your site can bring out the creativity that is buried deep down inside me:)

  6. Mandy aka Crafty Angel says:

    these are adorable!

    I knew I need to buy a puff for the shower in the supermarket this morning, seeing this has just reminded me…I so need to start making lists for my lists!

    hugs mandyxx

  7. Brenda Doodles says:

    Your elephant is so cute! I couldn't let my kittens play with something that adorable either 😀

  8. Penni says:

    How sweet.


  9. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    This is the third time I've been here today. The first time, your post wasn't up yet, and the second, I couldn't leave a comment. Now I'm trying again. Love the elephant and I can see Wipso was thrilled, too.

    Keep your fingers crossed I can post this time. Don't know why, but your blog takes forever and a month to load. Must be my very slow internet.

  10. peggy gatto says:

    Love the tutu!!!

  11. peggy gatto says:

    I'll try again to leave comment.
    Love the tutu!

  12. Phree says:

    Love that ellie and lamb, very cute. Happy WOYWW Day.

  13. Rita says:

    I dont think I would have known that was an elephant, but it's cute! 😉

  14. nerllybird says:

    Aww, so sweet! No elephants here, I'm afraid 🙁

  15. Andrea - Wales, UK says:

    Definitely to cute for the kittens!!


  16. Ashley says:

    Hi there! I found you on Welcome Wednesday's blog hop! Great blog and can't wait to read more!


  17. Dezinaworld says:

    Ohhh these are so cute. You are very talented my friend. beautiful crafting work
    Hugs June xxxxxxx

  18. Joanne says:

    Ahwww! they are cute. Love the pusscat piccies too.
    Luv Joanne xx

  19. Sarpreet says:

    cute toy, I am a bit late this week, fab workspace, Happy WOYWW, Thank you for showing us your workspace.

  20. Chrissie says:

    Nothing as cute as this on my desk I'm afraid!

  21. Julia Dunnit says:

    Oh how fun – isn't it lovely that we're allthe same but different and like all the same but different stuff!

  22. Nikki says:

    hee heee that is just so cute it makes me smile 🙂
    hugs Nikki

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