ATC JAMS – Work In Progress – Spots 1 & 2 Completed

Last week, I received an exciting an unexpected surprise in the mail: an envelope filled with three ATC JAMS!

For those of you unfamiliar with this term, ATC JAMS stands for Artist Trading Cards – Just Add More Stuff! It is a round robin ATC swap where three people collaborate in the design of a series of ATCs. When the swap is completed, each person ends up with a piece of art that not only stretches their creative skills, but also reflects the vision and talent of the artists involved.

The collaborative process works like this:

1. The artist who starts the swap creates the cards and the background. The colors, techniques, designs, and textures that the artist selects set the mood for the series.

ATC JAMS Artist 1: I Created The Background On This Card

2. The second artist builds upon that vision. This artist determines how the card speaks to them and stamps, layers, and embellishes accordingly. It’s important at this stage for the artist to enhance the card without completing it – there is still one more person waiting to leave their mark!

ATC JAMS Artist 2 – I Stamped The Top Half Of The Card (Blues)

3. The final artist to receive the cards completes the process. This artist must honor the path that has been set before them while infusing their own creative vision into the card. When the ATCs are completed, this individual sends the finished cards to the other artists. It is always exciting to receive a completed card and discover where the creative journey has taken everyone!

ATC JAMS Artist 3 – I Added The Buttons & Bling

Since I am the third person to receive the ATC JAMS shown in the opening photo, I’ll be completing the cards and sharing the finished ATCs in an upcoming WOYWW post!

ATC JAMS Artist 3 – I Added Skeleton Leaf, Ribbon, Dream

So, what do you think of the process? Have you ever participated in an ATC JAMS swap? Is this something you’d like to try in the future? I look forward to reading your comments!

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  1. Clare H says:

    Fab ATC's

    Clare (83)

  2. Linda C says:

    ATC sounds like fun. It would be an experience to go to the mailbox and actually get something besides credit card offers and junk mail (and oh yeah the dreaded bills Ha Ha)

  3. harts says:

    Love your work and blog!

    I am following from the Welcome Wed hop!


  4. Sunshine Girl says:

    I have never participated in an ATC JAM swap but it sounds so much fun – a few years ago I got into ATCs but havent done any for a while now – thanks for sharing – they are all fabulous. Sunshine Girl (28)

  5. Neet says:

    Am involved in an "Artists in Synergy" at the moment which is a collaborative thing with three stages like your JAM. Never heard of one of these before on ATC's so thanks very much – an idea is forming.

  6. Milnie says:

    ohhh gorgeous ATC cards! really the first serie with the butterflies!

  7. georgia~gigi says:

    Good Morning Paper Princes 🙂
    I found you thru Thursday Friends! You have a lovely blog! You are very creative!
    Love for you to come by and see me, gi gi

  8. M at Hidden Valley Simplicity says:

    thanks for stopping by. I am returning the follow. 🙂
    Great blog!

  9. The Teacher's Wife says:

    beautiful artwork! following you from Bzz Blog Hop- love to have you follow back! 🙂

  10. Rita says:

    I've never made ATCs. I have heard of sketchbooks, altered books, and scrapbooks being passed "round-robin" style, so I guess it doesn't surprise me that they'd do the same with ATC cards. Looks like it was fun to share creatively like that. Really nice work! 🙂

  11. sasa says:

    Atcs are just totally addictive – to make, look at and enjoy. You'll have a ball – hope to see the finished ones next time! Sarah (sasa link 20)

  12. kelli says:

    ATC-JAMS are SUCH a cool idea!!!!!!!! I love it! (#61)

  13. Morti says:

    A bit late getting round this week, but fab ATCs!

  14. Katie says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun 🙂 Great set! (91)

  15. Susan Harris says:

    Does anyone know where I can join an ATC Jam group?

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