WOYWW 43: What’s In The Box?

What’s In The Box?

Happy What’s On Your Workspace Wednesday, dear friends! For those of you who are joining WOYWW for the first time, every Wednesday, my friend Julia over at Stamping Ground hosts a party where a group of us take snapshots of our desks – or whatever workspace we’re playing on that day – or whatever projects we’re working on – and share them with one another. Than, we go traipsing off from blog to blog to see what everyone else is up to! If you are into art – organization – crafts – sewing – mixed media – cooking – or the like – than come join the fun! You never know what you’ll find!

Today I thought I’d start a new game for my fellow WOYWWers called What’s In The Box? On the Wednesdays that I am in between projects, I thought I’d let you peek into some of the boxes and tins I have scattered around The Paper Palace to see what’s stored in them. Considering that I frequently forget what I’ve stashed away, this could be an adventure for us all! So, are you ready for your first peek?

A Peek Inside

Last week, I visited a dear friend who is a talented quilter and dollmaker. While I was there, we sorted through her ribbons and trims, and she was kind enough to send me home with a few of her extras. Yesterday, I spent a good bit of time clearing up my desk and sorting through the goodies. My little blue box now contains part of the goodies she gave me!

A Seamstress’ Delight

Here is a look at the spread before I stashed it away. The blue box contains a bunch of sewing trims – hem facing, seam binding, bias tape, and the like.

Now, I am not a seamstress, but as I survey the stash, I can’t help but think what a great frugal find these items are for any scrapper or crafter with a little ingenuity! For instance, you could use the bias tape – which looks like cotton ribbon at 5 yards a quarter – to stamp on or to layer a card with. It would also make a nice backdrop for flowers, brads, rhinestones, or the like. The hem facing makes a great inexpensive alternative to lace. And the blanket binding – 77 cents for 4 1/2 yards – could be used instead of paper strips to make an ultra strong ribbon weaving background!

I hope these ideas inspire you to look at some of the items that might be lying around your craft room or art studio in a new way!

Have a wonderful WOYWW, and while you’re here, be sure to peek at my photo of Fiori Di Como, the world’s largest glass sculpture – the colors and artistry are truly spectacular!

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  1. Susan Allan says:

    You will find many uses for all that dress-makers' stuff.
    Sue xx 56

  2. Dotty Jo says:

    Wow, wish I had a box of goodies like that! Jo x #112

  3. Chrissie says:

    I've only made one quilt and that was for a cot, but having just cleared out my loft and discovered lots of fabric which I haven't seen for years, I think maybe I should try to do some more!
    Your box reminded me!
    Chrissie #9

  4. Poe says:

    Too cute! Love your blog!
    Following from Moonangelnay!


  5. Stef H (Glitterbabe) says:

    stunning box and the way you have that stored, it's very colorful!

    hey sunshine….. hope you are well.

    hugs 🙂

  6. NoraAnne says:

    What a fun load of goodies 🙂 I just browsed your studio too from your Where Bloggers Create post~it's wonderful, so organized and so much space! Love it!

  7. Rita says:

    Pretty box! I have a few boxes like that in my craft area. Too pretty to stick a label on. You might not be interested, but what I do is take a piece of cardstock or paper, fold it in half, and hang it over one end of the box and put the cover back on. You can write down the contents by hand or attach a sticker or label–and can trim down to whatever size paper will work best for that box. Doesn't destroy the pretty box, but tells you what is where. Just an idea.

    This will be fun to see what you have hidden away in your boxes and tins. 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. Very nice! I saw you on Thursday Blog hop. Stop by when you get the chance:

  9. Ladii Aponte says:

    hey Im your newest follower from Follow Me wednesday Hope you will follow Back

    I am Not a great crafter but I like to pretend I am and most the time my projects turn out great as i am pretty good at following Instructions or figuring things Ou I have so many backs Of stuff that I I have no Idea where to put it Lol I am Now sewing Clothes you can Only Imaging how Much fabric I have laying around after Im done with a project i should get a little box! Thanks for sharing!

    Through My Eyes- Ladii Aponte

  10. Sandy says:

    Oh wow you have lovely things in your box.
    Happy crafting.

    Sandy #1

  11. Christine says:

    What a very kind friend you have, a beautiful array of colours there and indeed, very useful 🙂 Christine #22

  12. Christine says:

    Hi again, thank you so much for following my blog – I've just noticed that you've joined my blog 'Desk Adventures' which is all about writing. My blog for scrapbooking is Hope Chances – happy for you to follow either but I think there's more action on the scrapbooking one! 😉 Christine #22

  13. Donna @ The House on the Corner says:

    I should participating in next week's WOYWW!! I'm sure you guys would get a laugh from my boring little brown faux wood desk and my boring little office!!!

    I love boxes. I have always been mesmerized by boxes – all kinds, all shapes. They remind me of treasure chests!!

  14. S says:

    I like your twist on this, but don't even get me started on how long it would take to show WOYWWers all the boxes I've got stash in. Yikes. S #84

  15. This Lil Piglet says:

    New blog follower from Keepin Company Thursday. I hope you pop by to return the follow http://thislilpiglet.blogspot.com

  16. KelseyA says:

    Out Blog Hopping This Think of Me Thursday!

    New GFC follower ~ Love your blog~

    ~Please come follow me~

  17. Spyder says:

    Thanks for the snoop, I'll have to open a few of my boxes too!Happy WOYWW

  18. Rachel says:

    What absolute fun! All those goodies. Great for collage and mixed media, and decorating cards. Thanks for sharing. It was definitely inspiring.

    rachel #43

  19. 2 Kids and a Coupon says:

    I'm a follower from the Wednesday Hop. Great Blog!

    Kim @ 2 Kids and a Coupon

  20. AirForceWife and Mommy of Two says:

    NICE!!! I am already a follower but wanted to stop by and say hi! I am doing a giveaway for ecomom.com right now. come by and check it out 🙂

  21. Rhonda says:

    That box holds future craft projects! How fun. And I've seen the Fiori Di Como in person…it's awesome! Even have a signed book by Dale Chihuly! Love his work. Just popping over from Julia's blog. Love your blog! I'm a new follower.

  22. kidswonderart says:

    Great blog, I could use the inspiration. I'm new from Traveling Through Thursday. Following you, please follow back I would appreciate it.


  23. Jana says:

    Ohhh, all my favorite things! You have an awesome site here, too much fun. Jana http://www.adoctorandanurse.com

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  25. Grandma Bonnie says:

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  27. Liz says:

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  28. karen says:

    What a great friend you have! I'll bet you find many many uses for all those things! And I checked out your photo of the Fiori Di Como! Wow, that is soooooo beautiful!

  29. tinydancernikki says:

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    Lovely work!
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  32. Misty says:

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    A new follower complements of Busy Blogger Weekend Blog hop! Love the crafty stuff – wish I had more time to do stuff and blog about it lol!

    Would love to see you on the other side of the blog-o-verse:

  34. jennoreilly says:

    Hi! Here from boost my blog friday, what a great friend to give you all those goodies! I've been paper crafting for years but only last year started sewing and I can't believe how many things in my sewing stash can be used in my paper crafts! Right now I'm making my Christmas cards and bought a huge bundle of vintage Christmas fabric at a sale and am using it as the facing of my cards, so pretty!!

    Have a super weekend!

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  42. butlersabroad says:

    Very pretty box and full of free goodies too! That's a good deal!

    Brenda 89

  43. Liz says:

    Thanks for linking up to FMF. I now subscribe to your email!

  44. Andrea - Wales, UK says:

    Lovely new treats from your friend and gorgeous colours.

    Have a great weekend. A.xx(80)

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  48. Amy says:

    A new follower from Friday Blog Hop! Love all your cute boxes full of creative goodness! I have way too many boxes full of goodies…need to use some of them up!!

  49. Bill says:

    I am so glad to stumble across your site. I myself am a single dad of 3 and am learning, experimenting and yes failing all the time so I look for ideas from decorating for the holidays to cooking and cleaning. I look forward to following you and creating some unique cards. I started a blog about a week ago to post some of the things I've discovered.


  50. akilli melek says:

    you need to let us see what you use some of these ribbons for. Caroline #14

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