The Incredible Shrinking Tins

Like most people, I try to shop wisely and keep my eyes open for good deals. I look for bargains on everything from modern bedding to food, clothing and crafts. I do this out of necessity. Unfortunately, manufacturers and retailers have grown increasingly savvy too. To counteract cost-conscious consumers, they have implemented more subtle ways to increase prices, such as shrinking product sizes while maintaining or increasing current prices.

Case in point. Each year after Christmas, I purchase a few gourmet treats. In 2009, I got hooked on Crate and Barrel’s chocolate covered graham crackers, so this past season, I picked up a few containers at half off. Imagine my surprise when I returned home and discovered that their 2010 tins were one third smaller than the 2009 tins! I don’t know how the prices compared, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that they did not reduce their price accordingly!

Now, if I had purchased that product strictly for the crackers, I would have been highly disappointed. But, here are a few things I do – and you can too – to help stretch your dollar further:

  • Look for products in multi-purpose packaging. As much as I enjoy the graham crackers, I buy this product because it also comes in a pretty tin that I use for craft storage!
  • Look for product packaging that you can recycle. For instance, that pretty green ribbon is perfect for incorporating into a card, a scrapbook page, or a gift!

Do you have any similar shopping experiences to share? How about suggestions for what to store in these incredible shrinking tins? As always, I welcome your feedback!

Have a fabulous weekend dear friends! For more on this topic, read USA Today’s Shoppers Beware article.

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  1. Lynn Stevens says:

    Something I've noticed is in our laundy soap they supply a measuring cup and the new ones are about 1/3 larger than the old, just to get you to use more soap, We toss out the new ones LOL

  2. Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions says:

    Good points. I love to use tins to hold loose leaf teas and other items in the kitchen, too. Check me out at Ninth Street Notions sometime if you like.

  3. Stacy Uncorked says:

    It is amazing how packaging has become smaller but the prices don't follow suit. I do the same thing you do – buy stuff that comes in containers I can use for something else after the contained product is finished. 🙂

    Aloha Friday Follow: Detention

  4. Pam says:

    We saw it with the chocolate covered cherries my husband gets for Christmas. Same size box, but when you open it, the packaging has changed. Instead of about 20, it now holds about 8!!

  5. Your Green Helper says:

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  6. Guwini says:

    I love colorful tin cans. 🙂

    I am already a follower, just visiting your blog again. Happy friday!


  7. Deni says:

    Hmmm, is it bad that I just do not pay attention? I will say that it annoys me when I buy chips and like 3/4 of the bag is air.

  8. Auntie E says:

    Wow, I tend to look for the special things. I love the tins.
    My Friday post-Got Plans? Hope you visit me and answer my question.

  9. fairyrocks says:

    Terrific tips!!
    I love containters too, Tin Quality is also declining..KWIM

  10. Auqakuh says:

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    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Linda says:

    HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm a new follower via Social Parade Friday! I love your blog! Great tips! I can't wait to read more. Please come and visit my blog when you have a moment-I would love to have you! Thanks!

  12. Mrs. Tasha says:

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  14. Melissa says:

    Im a return visitor, love your blog!
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    I agree product containers do seem to be getting smaller!

  15. Musings By Michele says:

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  16. Ashley E says:

    Good Morning Chicky! Wonderful stuff as always. Please come and show it off. I'm hosting a Hop over the weekends with random makings! You'll fit right in 🙂

  17. Jan at Jewelry4Change says:

    Love your blog! I signed up to follow. 🙂 Happy Surfin' Saturday! Jan

  18. Jan at Jewelry4Change says:

    The quote on your sidebar really speaks to me…
    creativity is a natural expression of the fact that we are created in the image of God, who is the Creator."

    In my blog bio I tell how I LOVE to create… just about anything… this is why. 🙂

  19. 3Lilacs says:

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  21. Heather says:

    My local news station did a whole expose on shrinking packaging/portions and rising costs. It's sad really. At least be honest about it you know!

    Although "Now 1/3 smaller!" doesn't really sound so great from a marketing point of view, LOL

  22. saraH says:

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  23. Sugar the Golden Retriever says:

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  24. Life In A Pink Fibro says:

    Great post – and so true about the shrinking size with non-shrinking prices. I love a tin and will seek them out too – but they're usually a once a year, festive season purchase for me. Thanks for popping by the Fibro. 🙂

  25. jskell911 says:

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  26. Ruthi aka abitosunshine says:

    I've been a tin collector for years! I store everything in them, as they're pretty and hide the clutter, ha! I have many large tins that hold cards and letters from friends and family, each member with their own tin.

  27. Marie says:

    I've been noticing this more lately also — a lot of things seem smaller — like cereal boxes — and yet still cost as much if not more. Drives me slightly batty when I sit there and think about it 🙂

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