Photo Of The Week: The Birthday Boy

Tsunami at Create With Joy
Quote Of The Week
I love cats because I enjoy my home;
and little by little, they become its visible soul.
Jean Cocteau

This weekend, we’re celebrating Tsunami’s fourth birthday! This sweet kitty stole my family’s heart the moment we first laid eyes on him. He is truly a gentle giant!

Happy Birthday Tsunami – may you have many more!

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45 Responses to “Photo Of The Week: The Birthday Boy”

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  1. sasha says:

    Great blog! I am now following from FNF Hop! Please stop by my blog and follow back 😉


  2. Fuegita says:

    Happy Birthday kitty! I love my cat, they are such characters

  3. ~ Regan says:

    oh my gosh! He is just the sweetest kitty! 😉 My gram had a Maine Coon, he was the smartest, most cuddly cat I ever knew. He loved green olives, and if he heard that jar open, he would come running to beg for one! 🙂

    Happy Birthday Tsunami!

  4. Jayne says:

    I am looking after a cat at the moment, and it is true, they really do add something to the home! I love to find him sleeping on top of the laundry, or inside a bag or a cupboard somewhere. And he makes me feel so relaxed.

  5. Grandma Yellow Hair says:

    A big birthday wish for beautiful Tsunami – may you have many more!


  6. Joan says:

    Beautiful! They are great. 🙂

  7. Magical Mystical Teacher says:

    There are some shadows buried deeply in that fur!


    Welcome the shadows surrounding your life,
    Treat them as lover or husband or wife;
    Welcome them in as you would one who’s dear;
    Hug them, embrace them without any fear;
    Honor, respect them, and give them their due,
    For shadow and light are both parts of you.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Deep Shadows Beckon

  8. Theresa says:

    OMG! That looks just like my last cat Dusty. I miss him even though we had a very tumultuous relationship. You definitely brought a smile to may face.

    Stopping by from Mom Blog Hop! Would love for you to come by and say hi!

  9. E. Lane says:

    Aww what a pretty kitty! Our kitten has her 2nd birthday this summer, lol.

    I'm following you from Six in the Nest.

  10. Firefly says:

    Hi! I’m your newest follower visiting you from Tag Back Tuesday. If you get a chance please check out my blog at
    Have great day!

  11. Jodi Whisenhunt says:

    What a pretty kitty!

    Thanks for linking up at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse's Tiggerific Tuesday!

  12. Susan says:

    Wow…what a gorgeous cat!!

  13. Marisa @ getting Back To Basics says:

    What a handsome fellow…and I love the name you chose for him.

  14. Tammilee says:

    I am a new follower from the Blog hop.
    I blog at

  15. fairchildstreet says:

    How sweet. He looks like a lovely cat.

  16. Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah says:

    Happy birthday kitty cat!

  17. Lorraine says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Tsunami. What a beautiful and sweet cat!

  18. debi9kids says:

    What a pretty kitty!
    Happy Birthday to your handsome guy!

  19. BusyWorkingMama says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful Tsunami!

  20. Sandra Collins says:


  21. Russ says:

    Happy Birthday Kitty. My granddaughters cat is always giving me a little bite. It is when she has had enough petting.

  22. Lolli says:

    What a soft, beautiful kitty!

  23. Melanie says:

    Love this!

    Visiting from Wordless Wednesday 🙂

  24. dogsmom says:

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous boy!

  25. Momma Jorje says:

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network and Momma Jorje!

    He is beautiful. And I dig the name, too.

  26. bethere2day says:

    What a lovely cat and happy birthday

    Happy WW! also 🙂

  27. Katrina says:

    What a wonderful name for a cat, and Happy Birthday!!

  28. Sofia @ From PDX with Love says:

    Awww so cute!! And happy birthday to your boy!! Seeing photos like this one makes me want to get a cat!

  29. Lauren @ Hobo Mama says:

    Aw, happy birthday! I can see why you love him so much.

    Visiting from Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network (both with linkies)!

  30. Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf says:

    Beautiful cat! I miss ours so much!!!
    Happy Birthday!
    ~Peace…Naila Moon

  31. Diane says:

    Awwww He sort of looks like my Harley!

  32. says:

    Beautiful cat Happy Birthday.

  33. Dee says:

    What a cutie! Happy Bday!

  34. catsynth says:

    Happy Birthday to Tsunami! 🙂

  35. Stacy Uncorked says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet kitty! I can see why he stole your hearts. 😉

    WW: Still Waiting for Spring

  36. Dawniebee12 says:

    He looks so sweet. I love that quote. Cats really do become the keeper of homes, don't they? Found you on FTLOB. Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!

  37. kim says:

    what a lovely cat! Happy Birthday, dear kitty..

  38. Melynda says:

    Happy Birthday Tsunami! What a lovely photo of him.

  39. elva says:

    so gorgeous. happy birthday tsunami!
    i love the quote too. my cats are such a special part of my life, i can't imagine not having them in my home.

  40. Catsparella says:

    Just stopping by from WCB to say hello! Happy 4th birthday, Tsunami! What a beautiful boy!

  41. Pam says:

    Oh, he's a sweetie! Thanks for linking up!

  42. AJ of PupLove says:

    Happy birthday, Tsunami!

  43. Judi says:

    Happy Birthday! Such a lovely kitty!

  44. Lauren says:

    Comment Love from FLOTB! What a precious kitty!! Happy Birthday to him!

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