Photobucket Problem – Latest Update

If you’re wondering why my site is looking a little stark this morning – or if you’re having a few issues of your own – Photobucket is currently performing emergency maintenance on one of their servers. Since it appears the server may be down for some time, I worked a little magic behind the scenes to make the site readable! For those of you who may also be impacted – here is the letter I received from their Support Team regarding the issue and anticipated resolution time:

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the unexpected maintenance we have had to perform on the server your account resides on. Our technical staff is working as quickly as possible to remedy the situation and you will not lose any of your media. This is not typical of our service.

Please check back midday today, 4/12/11.

Once you check back in, please clear your cache, refresh, close your browser window, then start with a fresh browser window and login.

Again, please accept our apologies.

Best Regards,
Your Photobucket Support Team

Latest Update From Photobucket:

Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re in the middle of resolving an issue that affects a small percentage of our users. Rest assured your photos are safe, and we’re working hard to get it fixed ASAP.

The estimated time to get this completed is approximately the end of today (04/12/11), 11 pm EDT. We apologize sincerely for the error, and we understand the problems this creates.

Thanks for your patience. We’ll update with info on our Facebook and Twitter pages as we know more.

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