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This Week’s Topic: Advertising

When asked “What blogging topics would you most like to learn more about”, monetization was high on most people’s list – so this week, I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion on blog advertising!

How does advertising affect your perception of a blog? How much is too much? Do the amount and types of ads you see on a blog impact your decision to follow them? What benefits have you reaped – or problems have you experienced – by the ads you’ve placed on your blogs?

The official questions are below but, as always, you are welcome to discuss anything related to this topic (just keep it family-friendly, please!) The information you share benefits us all, so we eagerly await your response!


1. Do the quantity and types of advertising on a blog affect your perception of a blog (and your decision to follow or not follow)?

2. What benefits or problems have you experienced as a result of advertising on your blog?

Thanks for participating and have a fabulous weekend, my friends!

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52 Responses to “Share Your Thoughts On Blog Advertising”

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  1. Jen says:

    Great topic and questions. Advertising on blogs don't bother me, it's really never occured to me to stop following a blog or reading a blog if they accept ads. I'd love to have advertisers on my blog truthfully!

    Visiting from the Follow Me Back Tuesday Blog Hop – officially a new follower of your blog 🙂


  2. Jessica says:

    Found you on a blog hop, followed


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