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This Week’s Topic: Balance Versus Burnout

Have you ever visited one of your favorite blogs, only to learn that it is closing because the owner feels that she can no longer keep up with all of the demands being made upon her in her personal, professional, and blogging life?

Do you sometimes feel guilty because you want to spend more time with family but it seems like your blog is consuming more and more of your time?

Have you ever wondered if  you at risk of blogging burnout?

This week, I invite you to join a discussion that impacts bloggers everywhere – how to achieve balance and avoid burnout in our blogging lives. The official questions are below but, as always, you are welcome to discuss anything related to this topic. The information you share benefits us all. We eagerly await your response!


1. How do you maintain balance between your blogging responsibilities and your personal life?

2. What steps can you take to avoid blog burnout?

Thanks for participating and have a fabulous weekend, my friends!

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63 Responses to “Balance Versus Burnout – Share Your Thoughts”

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  1. Doris Sturm says:

    Is this where I answer?

    Well, lately I have been purposely setting aside "computer free" days where I do not turn on the computer all day – that helps. I also have purposely limited my time on my blog because it's easy to get "sucked in" and before you know it, half a day is gone.
    I have other responsibilities to take care of and fortunately most of my blogging buddies (followers) do understand that and receive me back with open arms after an extended absence from blogging.
    I don't blog every day – to me that would be like a job and very stressful – and I do not comment every day for the folks that blog every day – I can not keep up because I want to see everyone and can not be pressured into regularly visiting someone every single day.
    I basically set boundaries and most of my friends understand.

  2. Jo says:

    being so new to blogging, this doesn't apply yet BUT i can surely identify with the polarity of family vs _____________. i find lists/personal schedules to be my saving grace. if nothing else, at least it makes me see that x, y and z actually CAN fit in to a certain day/week. and when it comes down to it, i always error on the side of family. if they don't feel loved and supported then i am failing at my primary job!

  3. Jackie says:

    Blogger burnout? what is that? I find it hard to stay away from it personally . It's like an addiction and the more I blog the more it feeds my computer addiction . Tell me how does one burnout if they are blogging for the fun of it ?

  4. K says:

    You know, this is a BIG issue with me. When my laptop was stolen and I had to take a break last fall, I realized that I'd pretty much let blogging take over my life. This time around I've been better about managing my family time vs blogging time. That may mean something doesn't get done when I'd like. It also means I'm watching movies, playing with my kiddo, or reading to her. The blog will be here. My little girl won't always be.

  5. jen says:

    I've been pondering a post about this for a few weeks now. Thanks for the reminder. I won't have it together in time to link up, but I'll think of you.

  6. Catherine Love says:

    Very thought provoking question … I sometimes just have to "disappear" from blogland for a while to create a sense of balance in my life … to everything there is a season!

  7. Heather says:

    1. How do you maintain balance between your blogging responsibilities and your personal life?

    I have an Excel spreadsheet set up with a daily schedule. Much like the deal-a-meal diet program from the 80s, once I have done something, I remove it from my "available" list. That includes writing time. And if I get things done quicker than the slotted amount of time, I turn that into family time if the kids are up or writing if they're not.

    2. What steps can you take to avoid blog burnout?

    If you find one day that you're really creative, write multiple posts and save them for days when you don't feel creative. That way, you're not feeling like your readers are expecting something that you can't give them. At any given time, I like to have 10 posts written in Word Docs on my computer.

  8. Self Sagacity says:

    1. How do you maintain balance between your blogging responsibilities and your personal life? I don't have a balance really, it is whatever requires more attention at the moment. Passion is not about balance. If you balance passion, it will take away from excelling.

    2. What steps can you take to avoid blog burnout? I don't get burnout from blogging. I get burn out from the responsibilities and unpleasant issues that could come with blogging.

  9. JRFrugalMom says:

    I recently had a computer free weekend in the Florida Keys and it was worth gold! Automatic posting kept me going, and I realized that my numbers did not suffer because I took a couple of days off to spend with my family.

    On the contrary, I came back with renewed inspiration and ideas.

  10. Terri. says:

    I am a new follower via RSS feed. I already follow you via GFC. I hope you can stop by my blog and check it out and follow back.

  11. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    When I start to feel burnout, I spend less time on things outside of writing for my blog

  12. Marlene says:

    Oh yeah. I suffered a period of "burn out" earlier this winter. I solved that problem by giving myself permission to "not post everyday". This has really helped!

  13. Gale says:

    I don't get burnout from blogging very much…I get burnout from the responsibilities I'm supposed to be doing in stead of blogging. Honestly, I have to force myself off the computer sometimes, not because I will get burned out if I don't, but because there's other things I need to do that are honestly more important.

  14. Patricia says:

    I was wondering myself how in the world do these wonderful young Moms balance work, kids and blogging. I have a lot of respect for them.
    I am following via All Week blog hop.
    Please follow Mamaw's blog, follow me please.

  15. I am Harriet says:

    I've never hit that wall…knock on wood.

    Have a great Friday!

  16. DeDa Studios says:

    I have set aside early morning hours to blog and hop! I get up early before anyone else – have my coffee and blog! Otherwise! I could blog all day! Then right before bed (I know they say it is bad for you) I blog hop.

  17. Giggle, Laugh, Cry says:

    Hi – Found you through the Follow Friday 40 & Over. New follower!

  18. Nikki says:

    I don't get burnout so much from blogging as from sitting in front of the computer. I blog, I freelance write, and I do other stuff on the computer, so my butt hurts at the end of the day! I try to schedule different chunks of time so I'm always doing something different. That helps a lot. I blog hop and catch up on FB first thing in the morning, then I write a few articles, then read a bit, come back and do a blog post, write more articles, and so on. It breaks up the day.

    I'm a new follower from the Stalk Me hop!


  19. Stacy Uncorked says:

    I have set times where I spend time in front of the computer – and make sure I step away when there are other pressing needs to take care of, you know, like feeding my family. 😉

    I used to post 7 days a week, but started to feel like I was on the cusp of Blogger Burnout – now I don't post anything on the weekends, and if life gets too busy, I won't post a day or two during the week.

    Aloha: Pet Food

  20. House of Sarager says:

    I think one of the challenges of this life is to find balance. I had a religion professor say all the time, "Any virtue overdone is a vice."

    I found you on Design it Chic and am following now. Your blog is lovely!

  21. Joy Page Manuel says:

    I found you through the blog hop on The Adv. of J-Man. Anyway, this is a timely post. Lately I've found myself feeling 'consumed' by the whole blogging business…building a community, posting quality entries, hosting a blog hop (my very first time yesterday and I guess my expectations were too high, lol!). I do need to find balance in all this and there is much to reflect on. Thanks for making me think. See you around!

  22. Kelly L says:

    Great questions – I blog because I enjoy it – but when family, work, and other life stuff needs attention – blogging comes last… I'm glad for the most part my life is pretty balanced.
    I've Become My Mother
    Kelly's Ideas
    Amazing Salvation

  23. The 21st Century Housewife© says:

    This is a very thought provoking post! Thank you for linking up with Feed Me Tweet Me Follow Me Home. This week's linky is now up – hope to see you there!

  24. JamericanSpice says:

    There are times when I just have to walk away from the blog and take my family as priority. It's less frustration.

    And I try to space things out on my blog so I don't get stressed about postings and stuff like that. It's hard sometimes, but I"ll walk away if it gets to stressful.


  25. Danielle says:

    Newest follower, love the blog, please follow me at

  26. Mindie Hilton says:

    Blogging can take up way to much of my time.
    I am still working on balance. I don't have all the answers yet.

    I saw you at the macobi scribe link up. I am now following through google connect. You can find me at

    ps it's not all bacon

  27. Tracy says:

    I enjoyed reading others answers to your questions. I definitely have to do a better job about balancing my time with blogging and home life. If it was up to my husband he would rather I quit the "addiction" all together. Thanks for sharing on NOBH! 🙂

  28. Trish - Sweetology101 says:

    I am a new follower to you/blogger and this is very timely post for me. My hubby, although a sweetie pie, just does NOT get blogging and for me it is an outlet…something my own. I look forward to readiing more comments, this is great. I think as a new blogger one is trying to establish that we are a "real deal" and offer something fun and of value to others. At least sometimes I think that. I work in addition to family and blogging so I REALLY need to shake out this balance. Thanks!!

  29. Grab your coffee - Let's Chat! says:

    I'm now following you. I want to invite you to my blog hop and give-away.


  30. Judie says:

    Blogging is not my whole life! I am a working artist, I play golf twice a week, I play bridge, I frequently lunch with my artist friends, in other words, blogging is a fun activity for me, but it does not consume my life. OMG! I think I am finally well-balanced! Will wonders never cease!!

  31. Sarah - PS Mom Reviews says:

    It cane be hard to balance everything. I think with all things in life we have to learn to balance and blogging is just part of that. Prioritizing helps a lot.

    I'm stopping by from the Alexa Hop. I'm a new follower too.

    PS Mom Reviews

  32. addictedtocloth says:

    It's an addiction for me too, but I can totally see a point where I will get burned out, it is a lot of work!

  33. Kristyn says:

    I LOVE your blog! I am a new follower from the blog hop! Hope you will come follow me back! Thank you.

  34. Jenilee says:

    Blogging takes back burner to most everything else. I try to keep up with it, but I also try not to let it consume me. I have many other roles in life, and blogging is not on the top of the list. I try to reserve every sunday for just my family, that seems to help.

    Jenilee from Six in the Nest visiting from the Alexa Hop. 🙂

  35. Chase says:

    I love this post! I have seen this a lot lately with blogs I follow. At this point, I don't have a problem just letting my blog go for a few days (or a couple weeks?) and just being with my family. Although, I do end up spending too much time on the computer- whether it's blogging, or not! I think the balance is different for everyone. Some people can't go one day without a blog post–that's definitely not me! (following you from the alexa blog hop!)

  36. The Old White Barn says:

    Take a deep breath – and walk away for a few days – works for me to keep balance. I come back renewed, and hopefully with something new to blog about!

    Stopping by from Follow on Friday – and now following. Don't you love how that works! Thanks for the thoughtful post.

  37. Finger Click Saver says:

    I haven't hit burnout yet. I sometimes become overwhelmed with all I want to write about; which I then have to take time out to sort things out by watching TV or cleaning. For me, the computer is my connection to the outside world for the most part, so I rarely get bored with anything to do with online activities. I actually have to discipline myself to get the dreaded cleaning chore done and the mounds of paper work I have to complete b/c I'd rather be doing online activities! Came to visit from the Alexa Hop 😉 Have a great weekend!

  38. Skye says:

    Blogging and home lie are so NOT easy to balance some days!

  39. Mama Chocolate says:

    I struggle with this all the time.
    I'm trying to slow down a little on my blog until I can figure out how to more efficiently use my time on the computer…otherwise I easily get sucked into spending most of my day sitting at my desk, and before you know it, it's dinner time, hubby is about to get home and the house is *still* a MESS. 😛
    Just trying not to bite off more than I can chew. 🙂

    Stopping by with my Alexa toolbar! 😉
    Johanna at Mama Chocolate
    Family life, tips for mom, reviews, giveaways and more!

  40. Mom Daughter Style says:

    Yes, I feel guilty. Tonight, I let my daughter sleep first before I do alot of blogging.

    Visiting from the Alexa hop.

  41. Laura-A Goddess of Frugality says:

    Stopping by from the Alexa hop. I don't find blogging being a burden. It does involve as many hours as my full time job. I work full time, another part time job, and blog. I don't have small children (I only have one still at home and he is almost 12). I don't go out much so I guess this is why I don't find blogging being an issue. It is my "fun" time. I make sure I post every day. And yes, the house gets cleaned as well (my husband and son do help).

  42. Carolee Sperry says:

    I think many "newbies" feel they need to post everyday or not at all.

    Not true,,,go with your flow.

    And I feel the same way about writing multiple posts when you're in the groove.

    I wrote 4 posts on my mom blog this past Monday and scheduled them to go out one each day. I wrote a fresh one yesterday for the blog hops

    That gave me time to work on my new social network for bloggers- check it out:

    The Blogging Buddies Social Network…you can create a profile, and add your blog, Twitter and Facebook links in the appropriate groups.

    We are hosting a week-long blog hop starting tomorrow.

    Why not join in the fun?

    Have a great weekend!

    Come on home – mom blog
    Working at home advice

  43. Michelle says:

    Yes!! I've only been blogging 4 months and I've already hit the point several times when I've just wanted to throw in the towel. I have no idea how to balance things right now. I'm trying to build right now and it seems to be taking a lot of time. Plus, when I visit someone's blog, I really would like to be able to spend time looking around. I don't want to be the one who just leaves a "visiting from xyz hop, please follow me". I want to leave a meaningful comment. So, that's what takes so much of my time. And it IS taking time away from my family. So, I do need to come up with some kind of system! I'll let you know if I ever come up with one!

  44. Diane says:

    In order to keep up with my real job–I have to limit my time posting and reading posts. I try to comment on one blog a day or stumbleon one!

    If I try to do more than I get sucked into the vast empty hole called the internet.
    I don't post everyday, I just post when I feel like and refuse to compare myself to other bloggers. In the past 2 years I have actually enjoyed all of it!

    Following via the weekend blog hop! Glad to add you to my friends!

  45. Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... says:

    My problem doesn't stem from blogging and family… it's a three-way tie between blogging, online courses, and family…
    I do need to work on balancing all three and will be easier when I'm out of college for the summer.
    School Lunch- Worth it or Not? I would love for you to read my post…

  46. lovinangels says:

    Nah, I don't get burned out, but I don't put a whole lot of pressure on myself, either. I write when I want, and I ALWAYS return comments, but I do it once a week now. I used to run to the computer and whip it open the moment I had one to return it, but now, I sit down, and I read EVERYTHING my friends have written since the last time I was there. It takes a solid hour or two once a week, but doing it everyday was too much. I also only do a couple of reviews at a time to stay sane.

    from the Alexa hop.

  47. Sandy Elliott says:

    I don't post to my blog every day although blogging is still an every day business. Building a community and thinking ahead of your next post, etc. It can easily consume you.

    Sandy- Cherished Handmade Treasures

  48. Aimee from Classified: Mom says:

    Great question as I feel that I am at that point!
    I promise myself to only set aside certain times of the day to blog. I TRY not to get on during the day but as you see now it is not always easy!

    I have to remember that posting everyday is not always a necessity- that there are many successful bloggers who post only 3-5 times a week!

  49. Divine In Mind says:

    Terrific blog. I'm glad I found you. I don't have any tips on balancing anything. I'm a mess! I just try to do as much as possible and not chastise myself when I can't do it all.

  50. Something Special says:

    I used to do this with scrapbooking. I rewarded myself with time to scrapbook if I got other things done first. I sometimes try to do this with time on the computer blogging. By the way, come check out the new scrap stash swap I just posted on my blog at and see if it is something you would be interested in or advertising for me. Thanks

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