WOYWW: One Card – Many Products

Whenever I sit down to craft, it never ceases to amaze me how much of a mess one can make for the smallest of projects. So, just for fun, I thought I would ask the question:

How many products do you normally use to make a card?

Now, I know the answer will vary from project to project and from crafter to crafter. But seriously – have you ever noticed how many products you typically use when creating a card or craft project of your choice?

Today’s photo contains a bunch of the supplies I used to create my latest card. I stamped – I colored – I distressed – I added a few embellishments – that’s all. No hot new techniques, no fancy schmancy tools or products. And, look at all of the products I pulled out!

Now – even more amazing – this isn’t everything! I took the photo after I put a few items away! So, what’s missing? Well, there’s the paper cutter for starters. Then, there’s the pop dots, glue dots, and tape runner. Don’t forget the extra paper and acrylic blocks! Is there any wonder that so many of us live in a perpetual state of creative clutter?

The link for the card is below for those of you who want to see it. In the meantime – how many products do you normally use to make a card (or other frequently created project?)

Have a wonderful WOYWW!

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26 Responses to “WOYWW: One Card – Many Products”

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  1. Cathy says:

    I daren't think about how much stash and stuff I use to create a card … pens, inks, embellishments. papers, glues, tapes … the list is huge!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx

  2. Marjo says:

    Thanks for the peek and sharing,

    Hugs, Marjo #18 Have a great WOYWW

  3. Andria says:

    I would say I use about 15 products plus to make a card! HAPPY WOYWW.
    Andria #29

  4. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    That's a great question, Ramona. I usually don't use that many products, but I don't make cards. And the things I make are made in stages. But that's a great question that sure makes a person think. I'm sure I use more products than I think, especially when I'm sewing my paper journals. I'm # 16 this week.

  5. T's Daily Treasures says:

    We don't have any craft stores around here for paper crafts so I have to use what I can find and bring back some supplies from the States each summer. I normally just stick with paper and images and glue and scissors, maybe a bit of lace or crocheted chains. That's about as good as it gets around here. 🙂 Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  6. Sarpreet says:

    it's true, you can use so many products on one card, but the beauty of stamps are that you can use the same stamp in so many different ways, Happy WOYWW 99, Thank you for sharing your desk with us much appreciated it. A great desk.

  7. Helen says:

    I have never stopped to count – but you are right, if you take it down to the details. Off to check out the card now, as I am sure it will be gorgeous.

  8. Shirley Pumpkin says:

    You are so right, that is why my desk is always a mess. Plus I am always trying to do 2 or 3 things at the same time. I will have to do the same thing some time just to see. TFS

    Shirley Pumpkin #36

  9. Wipso says:

    My cards are mostly fabric creations so the list of products is pretty endless 🙂
    A x

  10. okienurse says:

    Oh my I don't even want to think of how many products I use. I know I have tried to stop buying as much cause it seems like everything looks a lot like what I already have. Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #37

  11. Ciara says:

    Yep, I reckon I use about the same amount of products! Even more when I'm trying to decide which stamp to use or which patterned paper matches. I'm sure I used to use a lot less in the early days of crafting!

    Great idea to show the 'ingredients' for a single card 🙂

  12. Angie says:

    I always start with a few basics and the idea and then the area just over flows with everything else I grab. As I am NOT someone who will tidy as she goes, the pile of bits increase if I do more than one card or LO.xx

  13. Bella says:

    Oh I use a ton of stuff, what ever catches my eye really…or within reach!

  14. Julia Dunnit says:

    Oh and your photo makes it look like organised stuff too, and doesn't show the 30 odd bits of patterned paper I've pulled out for choices..or the 'spread' that these things take..! Love the thought though – and the next one – briefly add up the cost of the supplies you use to make one card….leave that to you I think!

  15. GLENDA BROOKS says:

    Wow what a creative desk! Thanks for the look!

  16. Shazsilverwolf says:

    Yes, I definitely run out of desk room, and have to start putting stuff on the floor etc!especially when I have no absolute idea in mind, the card is growing organically as I work, lol. Shaz #76

  17. Alicia.R. says:

    I have to agree, but isn't it sooo fun to play and rediscover stuff you might have forgotten about. I always challenge myself to use my new stuff straight away, gotta justify getting some more.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. voodoo vixen says:

    Amazing how much stuff we need to complete something, isn't it? I do tidy between projects so I guess that helps to keep the mess down a bit but if I'm doing a mini book its no holds barred as everything comes out!! Annette #5

  19. scrapwordsmom says:

    It is soooo true! I can make such a mess for one little projecT!!!

  20. Pamela says:

    I'm not the only one?!! Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it but once I do play awhile I realize it is!


  21. Darcy says:

    I use far too much, it always amazes me how my desk can end up in such a mess and i only have 1 card to show for it.

  22. Terry and Shirley SU says:

    I use anywhere from 6-10 products on average, I think. I try to keep things pretty simple.


    Terry #133 (blog candy giveaway on Friday)

  23. Tertia says:

    You see, its so NOT my fault that my desk is messy every time you guys come to visit! I can't help it that I need that much stuff to be creative, now can I?

  24. Kezzy says:

    What a fab question, i have never thought about it when making a card but i am always amazed at the mess after!! I will definitely count after making my next card and let you know lol. Kezzy x

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Well, I've never counted the items I've used to make a card before but I will certainly keep a record next time. I do know that when I sit down to type up the 'materials used' for a project I don't note the glue gel, sticky tape, , hot glue gun, etc., although it would not be possible to make a card without something sticky playing an important part! I did watch Jo Channon, demonstrating for Creative Expressions and who has a bit of a reputation for using a lot of items, use 16 in all, but even then the sticky items were not included in the count – and you seem to have used as many if not more 🙂 Great question. Elizabeth x #108

  26. Clare says:

    Wat a great question – why is it that {some of the time} I start with a clean tidy desk, but end with the desk and floor covered? This. Is my first WOYWW and I 'm loving looking at everyone's craft space! TFS, love, Clare #104

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