WOYWW – Mister Naughty Pants

Mister Naughty Pants  - Defiance

Mister Naughty Pants Says…
If it’s not tied down, it’s a cat toy!

Okay, it was bound to happen… and as always, it occurred when I was at my weakest and most vulnerable. In the wee hours of the morning, after a particularly sleepless night, in he stalked, full of might and prowess. Not my sweet, lovable Legend… but his counterpart, the cunning Mister Naughty Pants!

He was rested. He was bored. And he was intent on making my workspace – and everything on it – his!

It started with the telephone. He gnawed and gnawed on my headset and mouth piece until it was drenched in cat drool. He ignored my chastisements. He treated each and every removal of the phone from his mouth a game to master. Placing the phone out of his reach did nothing but spur him on to bigger and greater challenges.

So I gave him a time out. I lifted him from my desk and put him in his play box on the floor, hoping he would curl up and take a nap.

He did not. The next thing I know, I hear a THUD! CRASH! BOOM! as books and stash go flying across the floor. I turn around and see Mister Naughty Pants defiantly staring at me from the top of my new desk organizer (a spot my sweet Legend has never jumped on!)

Pure Naughtiness

Once he knew he had my attention, he casually began to knock the books that didn’t live up to his literary standards out of my organizer.

On The Prowl

After he was sure that I had received his message that he did not appreciate that time out, he continued with his plans of workspace domination.

You could almost hear the thoughts going through his head.


What’s this I see? A box full of gifts?
Has Mom been holding out on me?
Well, I guess I’ll just help myself to a few goodies!

Yum - Sunglasses!

Oooh – new shades!
I could use a new pair of sunglasses!
But – since Mom won’t let me out of the house –
I guess I’ll just gnaw on them and
Let her know what I think of home confinement!

Finally! A Reward For Good Behavior!

Where’s Mom going? What’s she got?
Oh, a reward for good behavior!
It’s about time my ingenuity was recognized!
Oh well – it’s not as exciting as what I can find on my own –
But I guess I’ll call it a day!
Time for a nap –   but –
You never know when I’ll be back –
So guard your desks!

So, there you have it. Today’s creative project got pre-empted by Mister Naughty Pants. But trust me, after seeing him literally crash Prince Charming’s computer the other night, I thought I’d better give him the attention he was so unabashedly seeking!

Have a fabulous WOYWW!

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  1. Sandra Keith says:

    I had to chuckle through reading this post. When I had only one cat, she got into everything when I was too busy to play with her. Consequently, I learned my lesson and never have less than 2 cats at a time now. I discovered quite by accident that if the cat had a buddy, they chased one another or a toy mouse, etc. Today, I have 4 from the same litter. I have to say they keep one another busy and seldom get into my personal space, yet when I go to bed, I often wake up surrounded by all four of them. They still like to cuddle.

  2. Donna says:

    So funny! I have a house full of those and it’s always an adventure, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, they’re such fun to have around! He’s an absolutely gorgeous baby and looks so happy to have gotten his way!

  3. Chrizette says:

    Oh, Mr Naughty Pants is beautiful (even if he is a bit naughty) – lol I have two Jack Russel babies and I can tell you that you have not seen naughty till you’ve seen a Jack Russel destroying a home 🙂 But I love them and definately spoil them too much 🙂
    Celestial Things

  4. Oh that is so cute..Yep, sometimes they go into naughty mode!


  5. Helen says:

    Oh dea, Mister Naughty Pants is in the dog house for sure today! Great pics and a great read. happy WOYWW. Helen 42

  6. may says:

    Love your post, yep when they want to be naughty they will, he is lovely I expect when he’s asleep, got one just like him at home, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  7. You’ve gotta love cats!! lol… Somehow they just KNOW how to get your attention!!

    I enjoyed reading that post, made me smile! 🙂

    I do have to say that they are beautiful cats though! Very ‘regal’ looking! 🙂

    Happy WOYWW

    Jackie x

  8. Okienurse says:

    I think Mr Naughty Pants and my Miss Skiddy Kitty are related or plagued by the same disorder. I left the craft room secure and came back to find her trying to get drying glitter glue off her paws! It def was a battle holding her down to get it off so she wouldn’t make herself sick! I am offering up some blog candy so come leave a comment on my blog and get a chance to win! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #87

  9. sandra says:

    Ohhh how could you ever chastise that gorgeous kitty.

  10. Zoe Young Kirkby (@CraftygasheadZo) says:

    Oh this did make me laugh! Enjoy this WOYWW. Zo x 89

  11. Oh my GOODNESS!! You caught him in action! I honestly didn’t know cats acted like that. My bad cat associations are Garfield and Sylvester.

  12. Spyder says:

    you go pussycat!! chew that mouse and jump on the computer…soon you’ll have your own blog!! Happy WOYWW

  13. Lou says:

    Oh he is gorgeous, my ginger boy has been a beast these past few days, just like a naughty little child! Hope that you have a great crafty week Lou E # 26

  14. Karen says:

    Oh dear, I did have to laugh at your post, naughty Mr Naughty Pants LOL!!

    Have a fab WOYWW and a great week, Karen #108

  15. What a handsome chap he is! But yes, oh so naughty!

  16. kath says:

    thanks for this week’s crafty snoop..looks like a fun creative space especially for Mr naughty pants…happy WOYWW…hugs kath (63)

  17. Danielle says:

    Very cute story! I hope he didn’t get into too much trouble.

    Danielle #22

  18. Shell says:

    Just had a giggle reading this. I’ve not had a cat in the house for several years now Luckly my house bunny doesn’t cause too much trouble, normally just curls up on my feet while I work which i lovely in this cold weather 🙂

  19. laura says:

    ha ha that post made me laugh.

    I don’t think my chocolate labrador would fit on my desk!!!

    Laura #86

  20. Sparkle says:

    Sounds to me like Legend really wanted attention, and maybe to play a game! When I want something from my human, I jump on her desk and slap her face!

  21. Hazel says:

    He might be Mr Naughty Pants but he is so gorgeous and irresistible -(Hazel, WOYWW #10) x

  22. This is too funny! I seriously thought my cat was the only one who did this type of stunt! If I am 5 minutes late feeding her- she attacks everything in sight, from the furniture to the trash. 🙂

  23. DM says:

    Amazing what cats can find to do in the wee hours of the morning.

  24. Lisa says:

    Mr Naughty Pants is adorable, just soooooooooo gorgeous. I am a cat lover, have a cat (you can see her on my sidebar), called Poppy. Blue Cream persian, who is the most scattiest cat i have EVER had,but I adore her!!!!!!! Poor Mr Naughty Pants how can you chastise him with those beautiful eyes!!!
    Love WOYWW!!!!!
    I have to follow you now to see more of him!
    Lisa xxx (19)

  25. Barb King says:

    This is really entertaining. We have a bad boy here, when he acts up like that we call it “wilding”. You can see him on my blog.

  26. scrappymo! says:

    No cat right now but have a few over the years…funny how they can have that Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde personality…teeheehee

    He is a cute one!

  27. Brenda says:

    Cats have an amazing way of telling us we’re not paying them enough attention!

    Brenda 115

  28. Shari says:

    Mr Naught Pants is one handsome trouble maker!

  29. jfb57 says:

    Great series of photos, well captured!

  30. Carli says:

    He is adorable! And clearly he knows how to choose books. Love his “thoughts!”.

    Coming by from the blog hop! Following on GFC.

  31. Nancy says:

    Looking forward to the further adventures of Mr. naughty Pants! New follower!

  32. LOVE IT! I love your blogging style – this post was so darn cute! Happy Thursday!
    (found your blog from Measuring Cup’s Alexa Drop Hop) Keep up the great work!

  33. Sheena says:

    Clever kitty! Obviously knows what he wants! lol

    I’m attempting to visit everyone on the WOYWW list this week. t’is a daunting task but at least I’m trying, more than I’ve done before!


  34. Reta says:

    The different adventures of Legend are always a source of excitement and good reading wheather he’s bad or good. He’s the Dennis the Menance of cats plotting his next move for a mom who spends her waking hours blogging.

  35. Tara says:

    Oh gosh…cats can be so mischievous! I used to have some very nice ceramic cups in my bathroom…one of my cats broke three of them (I kept going back and buying more because they were just so pretty and matched my shower curtain and all) before I gave up.

    • I used to have a Himalayan who was a master destructo while I was at work! One of her favorite tricks would be to go into the bathroom every day and tear the toilet paper rolls into shreds and scatter the remains all over the house – like rose petals! She also liked to go and sharpen her claws on my books (I have a ripped up copy of “How To Train Your Cat”, complements of her!) You would think that closing the door would solve the problem but they find ways to get around everything, now don’t they! Oh well… they give us great stories to tell! 🙂

  36. He looks like he could get into tons of trouble.

  37. Michele says:

    lol, this made me laugh the whole way through it. We have 3 cats and one of them is a Miss naughty pants. Seems like there is one in every bunch. 😉

  38. Kim says:

    So funny! My mom is having such a hard time with her new kitty, she says he’s like a newborn, keeping her up all night, wanting to play! Love your blog, I found you from the Diva blog hop and just followed you all over the place! I’ll be back!

  39. Almost as bad as having a four year old around!

  40. Kristie says:

    I’m your newest follower on GFC. What a cute kittie ;).

  41. Courtney @ Centsablelady says:

    Just came by to share the alexa love! What a sweet picture of your kitty. Come by and share some alexa love with me!

  42. Maureen says:

    Try sleeping in with Maeve (a cat) in the house. She just knocks things of the dressers and end tables. Gone is the statue, gone is the jewellery, gone is the water glass. Unless you want to walk through shards of glass and twisted jewellery, you get up!

  43. Ah…. I truly enjoyed the antics of Mister Naughty Pants. I used to have a kitty who would sneak up on my desk and chew the double stick tape. She wouldn’t mess with anything else, just the tape. I think she liked how it stuck to her. I’d find it all wadded up with tooth marks all over and fur stuck in it. Enjoy him now, some day you’ll miss having all your crafting things thrown to the floor.

    • I know what you mean! Even though these “antics” are frustrating in the moment – we smile at them (secretly, afterwards) because their quirks are part of what makes them so special and endearing to us! 🙂

  44. Rebecca @ The Beauty of it all says:

    Hi there! Sending some Alexa love your way from the hop but also have to say that your cat is too cute! Makes me miss my kitty and her funny antics.

  45. Ah! The Midnight Marauder! I know that culprit! Knocking things off dressers, ruffling the blinds! The meow, meow, meow of love tokens being brought in the wee hours.

  46. Tertia says:

    LOL Its true what they say, cats don’t have masters, they have slaves!
    Happy very late WOYWW

  47. Heidi says:

    This was a side stitching post! Mr. Naughty Pants is a trip! This is some of the reason I like my little dogs – they are easier to contain! Thanks for linking up with us at NOBH!

  48. I think this might be the funniest cat post I’ve read.

    What a funny post!

  49. He really went for it, didn’t he? Cats never cease to amaze me with the antics they get up to. I could name several a day with my Alice. 🙂


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