39 Dollar Glasses Review

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Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen.

You wake up one morning and discover that the words in your books are getting smaller and smaller. Then you find that the fonts on your computer are getting blurrier and blurrier. Suddenly you’re aware that you’re straining to see things in front of you that you once saw clearly from ten feet away!

This phenomenon recently started to occur to my dear Prince Charming. At first, he denied that anything was wrong. Then, he came up with several explanations for why he was having trouble seeing. His imagination ran wild! He concocted tall tales about how publishers must be shrinking the size of print to reduce paper costs… or how I must be sneaking into his office at night and adjusting the controls on his monitor as a practical joke… or how Mister Naughty Pants must be moving things around to make him go bump in the night!

Finally, a visit to the optometrist confirmed what I already knew in my heart. The world was not conspiring against Prince Charming. Prince Charming just needed a good pair of prescription eye glasses!

Now that we had solved one mystery, we were faced with another challenge:

Where do you turn for quality and value when your prescription needs exceed your budget?

39 Dollar Glasses

Fortunately, I had heard about 39 Dollar Glasses – a site doctors founded to help people get glasses at affordable prices! 39 Dollar Glasses offers a huge selection of highly discounted, American-made glasses in a wide variety of styles and sizes. While many of the glasses on the site – including the pair that my husband ordered – cost more than $39 (that seems to be their starting price) – the savings listed seem to confirm their claim that their customers save an average of 70% on their prescription glasses needs!

New RX Glasses From 39 Dollar Glasses

Now, I have to tell you – Prince Charming was highly skeptical about purchasing his first pair of prescription glasses over the Internet. Not only was he unsure about how the process worked – he was also concerned about finding a stylish pair of glasses that would fit his larger-than-average head!

Sturdy 39 Dollar Glasses Case

But – he decided to give the process a try and I’m thrilled to report that his concerns were totally unfounded! Prince Charming easily found a pair of glasses that he loves and finds comfortable and attractive! His glasses arrived in a beautifully packaged, sturdy quality black case. And not only is the quality of these glasses superb – he looks SO handsome in them!

39 Dollar Glasses - Protective Pouch

Here is what Prince Charming had to say about his 39 Dollar Glasses experience:

  • The site is well-designed and easy to navigate.
  • The site’s filters made it easy to find what you’re looking for!
  • The site contains lots of information to make ordering easy.
  • Customer Service is great (although their EST business hours are limited)!
  • There is a large selection of glasses to choose from!
  • Prices can’t be beat!
  • There is a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Returns are a breeze.

The only glitch we ran into during the process was when we tried to calculate Prince Charming’s Pupillary Distance (P.D.) Reading measurement. In spite of the fine instructions 39 Dollar Glasses provided – dark eyes and dark pupils does not an easy reading make! After consulting with our eye doctor, we agree that this is something that is best measured in your doctor’s office and not done at home. (Some states agree. If you live in NY or MA, doctor are required to do these readings!)

P.D. readings aside, if you are in the market for a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses –check out 39 Dollar Glasses! Chances are, you’ll find a quality pair of glasses you like at a great price!


Disclosure: I received a complimentary pair of glasses from 39 Dollar Glasses in exchange for an honest review of this website and product. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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