Mister Naughty Pants Bides His Time – Wordless Wednesday

Mister Naughty Pants - Biding His Time

Photo Of The Week
Mister Naughty Pants Bides His Time

Thought For The Day
After scolding one’s cat
One looks into its face

And is seized by the ugly suspicion
That it understood every word.
And has filed it for reference.
Charlotte Gray

Recently, I spent the weekend cleaning out my closets and dresser. I went through every piece of clothing I owned, filling my bed with piles of clothes to keep, store and donate. In the process, I cleaned and lined all of my dresser drawers with pretty new paper.

Since the day was hot, I stepped out briefly to get some water. When I returned, I could not believe my eyes. There lay that huge hairball himself, Mister Naughty Pants, sprawled across my freshly lined drawer in all of his fur-shedding splendor!

Mister Naughty Pants was happy as a lark. Apparently that drawer meant more to him than I realized. It meant so much to him, that he wrote about it in a special post, Mister Naughty Pants’ New Toy Box.

Unfortunately, I was not in the mood for fun and games at that moment. I was hot and tired and in need of a nap. So, I did what most people would do in that situation. I unceremoniously booted my baby from my drawer, gave him a new box to play in, and went about my day!

Mister Naughty Pants - Life From The Slum Brown Box

I now fear that I may have acted in haste. Every time I enter the bedroom, I am haunted by images of Mister Naughty Pants lying in wait for me, potentially plotting my demise. Wouldn’t you be, if your cat continually returned to the scene of the crime (his words, not mine) and sat staring at your dresser – without blinking – or glaring at you from his “slum brown box?”

Anyway – if I mysteriously disappear in the near future – send out a search party and put Mister Naughty Pants at the top of your Person Of Interest list! He has the motive. I’ve shared the evidence. These photos are worth a thousand words!

Wordless Wednesday – June 20, 2012

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84 Responses to “Mister Naughty Pants Bides His Time – Wordless Wednesday”

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  1. Antonette says:

    Ha! Ha! Great story. Mr. Naughty Pants is indeed very naughty!

  2. Everytime I visit I keeping thinking, “my husband needs to see this page” lol. He is obsessed with cats.

  3. claire says:

    So sweet 🙂

  4. stevebethere says:

    Wonderful story heheh! but I think you should give him his drawer back LOL

  5. Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook says:

    Love the story, LOL! Mr Naughty Pants is a riot, great picture 🙂

  6. aquariann says:

    Amusing story! He’s lucky he’s so cute, right? ^.^

    -:¦:- Featured Photo: White Azaleas -:¦:-

  7. Danielle @ Royalegacy
    Twitter: Royalegacy

    Oh My Goodness! I never thought that one of your beautiful cats would plot against you! Ha! 🙂

  8. Paula Schuck says:

    Love these cute cats.


  9. Diana @ Toronto Teacher Mom
    Twitter: teac

    That’s one scary looking glare!

  10. Dawn
    Twitter: breathoffaith

    I love that Mr. Naughty pants! Oh my he is perfect for Aurora! lol. They are alike…I think I will have to share my Quiet Time Distraction picture…

  11. Bella says:

    Of course he’d want to lay on the fresh laundry, nice and clean…who wouldn’t? Trust a kitty to know how to live well!!!

  12. SavingwithSaveOne says:

    I wonder that sometimes myself, if animals actually understand what we are saying sometimes, the looks on their faces seem to say yes. 🙂

  13. Meryl says:

    LOL he knows a good thing when he sees it! Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

  14. Susan says:

    Well Mr Naughty Pants is giving you quite the stare! What a fun post!!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. alissa apel
    Twitter: AlissaApel

    It’s after something!

  16. Brandi says:

    Such pretty colouring! 🙂

  17. Jeanna says:

    Mr. Naughty Pants, I love it. The second pic is pure evil, lol. Such a cat.

  18. LOL. When I first met my husband I caught his sister’s cat in the kitchen sink. I didn’t even shoo it away but after that it would hiss at me whenever it saw me in the kitchen. For years. Yup, it understood.

  19. Jill says:

    Thanks for hosting and sharing Mr. Naughty Pants! Come link up at my place (:

  20. Judy Haughton-James
    Twitter: james_judy

    LOL! He really looks as if he has plans for revenge. Watch out! Thanks for hosting.

  21. Ai Sakura
    Twitter: Aisakuraharuka

    Aww he’s so cute! 🙂

  22. kewkew says:

    Wow, can’t believe he would be so naughty. He definitely looks miffed in the second shot.

  23. Theresa says:

    Awww, poor mister naughty pants! He looks pretty angry in that second picture. I do advise you to sleep with one eye open for the next few days lol.

  24. Sara
    Twitter: myruralmommy

    Haha! I love the look on his face! =)

  25. Paula J says:

    I just LOVE your cat stories!

    Happy WW!

  26. Ah ha ha Mr. Bingley does the same thing to our clothes, especially my husband’s!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      My cats ADORE sleeping on Prince Charming’s clothes! He often leaves them scattered about just for them to find. I would say they have him pretty well trained. No wonder Mister Naughty Pants is pouting – he is not used to being denied! 🙂

  27. Mimi says:

    hahahaha I feel the same way about my cats sometimes! Feel like I’m watching my back!

  28. He really is Mr. Naughty Pants, isn’t he? lol

  29. Sarah says:

    He he. Cute.

  30. Chaya says:

    You have made Mr. Naughty Pants famous. Do you pay him for the use of his name? 🙂

  31. Emilee says:

    A freshly lined drawer? Sounds like a cat’s dream! 🙂 haha

  32. Xmasdolly
    Twitter: Xmasdolly

    Now you know you can’t stay mad at Mr. Naughty Pants too long with that cute face!

  33. Michelle says:

    I love love this post so funny.what a cute face..give him some shrimp or tuna water..he needs it… 😉

  34. one of the most beautiful cats!!

  35. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for hosting! I am so glad to be joining you again this week. 🙂 I just love cats– they have so much personality and the look on Mr. Naughty Pants’ face is just priceless– too darn cute! 😉 Let us know how the drama with the drawer progresses this week! Many blessings, Lisa

  36. Mirjam says:

    Lol I’ll keep it in mind! My own Mr Bingley is much more direct. If he believes I’ve overstepped my boundaries he simply attacks my ankles! 🙂

  37. Sparkle
    Twitter: sparklecat

    Legend, do NOT let your human get away with this! That drawer is yours and you should take it back!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Oh Sparkle – I KNEW you’d be on my side… wait til you hear about what Mom does to me when she finds me in the the bathroom sink cabinet (my FAVORITE dark dank place to hang out!!!)

  38. Carolyn says:

    Hey Girl! Hope you have a great hump day!

    Cookin’ for my Captain

  39. Becca says:

    Thanks for hosting!

  40. 🙂 them cats sure can glare. When my cat gets mad she uses her teeth to rip at my carpet, I’m guessing she’s wishing it was me she was ripping at.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      LOL…when Tsunami has “issues” he goes to his post and starts ripping away – it is a sight to behold – FEROCIOUS – I would NOT want to be on the wrong side of his claws!!!

  41. LadyD says:

    Sweet, yet so regal!

  42. McGuffyAnn@ McGuffy's Reader says:

    I love your guys! Maine Coons are awesome, but then again…cats are.

  43. You always do such a great job picking the purr-fect quote to fit the crime!!

  44. Nancy says:

    Cats are inherently naughty and I love that. xoxo

  45. Camille says:

    He does look like he may be plotting something hahah!

  46. Susi says:

    What a beautiful cat. My own naughty kitty prefers my laptop keyboard and is non too pleased when I boot her off. I have the scratches to prove it. She has on occasion skyped one or the other contact on my list!!! 🙂

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      See! Finally! Someone who understands! Naughtiness abounds in the feline world! 🙂

      Not only do my kitties love to type when I’m not around (and sometimes, right in the middle of my own posts and essays) – they have also been seen and heard making phone calls when they think we are not around! We are always careful to check our phone bills and to look for suspicious calls. Thank goodness we don’t skype!

  47. Katherine says:

    LOL Mr. Naughty Pants. Thanks for hosting!


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