The Calm Before The Blogathon

The Calm Before The Blogathon

Good day to you, dear WOYWW-ers! I hope that you are sitting as you visit my workspace today. For the first time in quite some time, we are back in the Paper Palace and you get to actually see – wait for it – my desk! I know. Those of you with weak hearts might not be able to take the excitement!

I have cleared off some space in preparation for this weekend’s Biannual Blogathon Bash, which I’ll be joining as a first-timer, and in anticipation of Where Bloggers Create 2012, which is just around the corner. For the Blogathan, I have gathered up all of my loose notes into one pretty folder and found a notebook to use for collecting my thoughts. I started to do this earlier this year – but my “write everything on the back of an envelope or a post-it note” habit soon took over. A visit to Inspire Me Monday, however, will show you why I was inspired to dig out my notebook again. You’ll also find art featured by an up-and-coming WOYWWer (also known as “son of a WOYWWer”) there!

As you can see, there is also one very put-out puddy cat on my desk – no doubt, still sulking from last week’s eviction from his high rise digs – pouting over this week’s Wordless Wednesday expose where Mom expressed her side of the story – or just plain annoyed that I disturbed his nap to take another photo!

Now if you are wondering what this WOYWW thing is all about – satisfy your curiosity by visiting Julia at Stamping Ground and join the fun! Before long, you will find yourself transported to desk after desk of creative delights!

Have a fabulous day as you journey from workspace to workspace!

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  1. Joynana says:

    Love the notebooks and the artwork on them. You have a lot going on. So much energy. #14

  2. Spyder says:

    And a lovely ‘tidy’ desk it it too! Our ‘cat that isn’t ours’ says Hi… he never seems to go ‘home’ these days! Thank you for my snoop, have a great week. HaPpY WoYwW!
    (((Lyn))) #20

  3. Danielle says:

    Pour pouting kitty – I have a pup that does the same thing, but she usually faces the wall and gives me the evil eye over her shoulder. lol… dani22

  4. may says:

    Fabulous notepad & card.. poor wee furrball.. he’s so tired.. but Gorgeous!! Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#62

  5. Dawn
    Twitter: breathoffaith

    Yay! I am linking for the first time as well, too! Oh, gosh the Blogathon…my head is spinning lately.

  6. Ali Wade says:

    Happy WOYWW. I love your notebooks and ‘cat’ is gorgeous. We have a very spoilt cat in the house – and 3 more on the farmyard (with their own beds in my tack shed!). The Blogathon sounds great – have fun. Ali x #61

  7. sandra says:

    Notebooks are gorgeous but I have to admit the kitty wins hands down.
    Sandra #32

  8. VonnyK says:

    Poor put out pussy cat, lifes hard for him. Love the notebook and card you have there.
    Have a great week.
    Von #28

  9. sandeeNC says:

    Poor Mr. naughty Pants (((hugs))…I will have to check out all this activity that you speak of, seems I am clueless ( what’s new?, lol ) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂

  10. Neesie says:

    Busy…busy…how exciting it all sounds.
    I love the way puddytats take it all in their stride….horizontally mostly!
    I have to write everything down these days…is that a sign of age…nah I didn’t think so either ;D
    Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy!

  11. patsy
    Twitter: Patsypat

    Wow! What a neat desk! I love how relaxed pudy tat is! Patsy from HeARTworks

  12. hmmm, seems like you have been doing a lot! i saw wordless wednesday and i have to agree, he does look like he is planning something! be careful!
    happy WOYWW!
    blessings and hugs from #15
    peggy aplSEEDS

  13. Valerie L says:

    Sounds exciting! If I wasn’t so busy already I might considered jumping in! I’ve gotten out of the habit of journaling. Pretty journals btw. Kitty will get over it! A cutie! Valerie #36

  14. Okienurse says:

    Sounds like you are getting organized too! I have to find a notebook and title it “My Must Do!” book so I can keep track of where to go from here. I am finally getting the dies and stamps organized and will need some direction on where to go from there. Poor PuddyCatt. I think you must be maligning the poor creature! Have fun! Vickie #23

  15. Bridget Larsen
    Twitter: YeeLarsen

    The cat makes a wonderful crafty addition
    Bridget #3

  16. scrappymo! says:

    That blogathon sounds like fun. I am on holidays those 2 weeks…now you have my mind racing figuring out how I could manage to join in.
    Have lots of fun enjoying your “calm b4 the storm”.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      The blogathon happens twice a year so enjoy your vacation and join in next time! With 6 months to plan – your first experience will rock! 🙂

  17. - KAT - says:

    good luck on the blogathon
    what a lovely cat

  18. Helen says:

    what a way to laze away the day… great looking desk! Helen, 33

  19. Zoe says:

    Such a beautiful kitty!

    Congrats on the #1

    Zoe #57

  20. Hazel says:

    Beautiful artwork – and lovely to see your cat too – thanks for the opportunity of having a peep at your workspace – trying to make a few visits early this week! Hazel, WOYWW #83 x

  21. Annie Claxton says:

    happy WOYWW ! My cat used to love to “help” too! Annie 🙂

  22. sandy :) says:

    Hi what a darling cat. You sound like you are so craftily busy. I so would like to send you an ATC please email me your address and I will pop one in the mail. It will take a bit to get there as I’m in Australia. Sandy 🙂 #86

  23. Hazel says:

    I must be half asleep still – I’m #87 this week, not 83!

  24. Sophie says:

    Congratulations on being number 1, you must have been up early!!
    Sophie no.93

  25. Nicole says:

    You have to know… my little Seanzy is madly, deeply, totally in love with your cat.

    Stopping in to say hi and thanks for linking up last wordless Wednesday. We are up and ready for to host sweet friends for this wordless Wednesday, I’d love it if you were with us.


  26. Julia Dunnit says:

    Well, look at that, a desk! And a lovely Jordi LaBamba notebook I think..pretty. I’m the same, write a note on whatever’s near. Mind you, in my house, you’re oftenin the proximity of a notepad, I can’t stop buying them!!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      See Julia that’s the thing… notebooks abound and yet I can NEVER seem to find one when I need to write anything down – so my important thoughts always seem to end up on whatever little scrap of paper I can find… which, of course, can NEVER be retrieved at the moment I most need it…


  27. Angie ...aka Shozzy says:

    Well done for being No 1 on the list.
    I have taken part in a few crafty blogathons in the past and they are such fun …especially the first one…. have loads of pre-prepared food at the ready …and have a fabby time….look forward to see the results.xx

  28. Laura says:

    I think your cat has claimed ownership of the desk!!
    Laura 94

  29. Glenda says:

    Love your notebook and of course I love, love, love the kitty. He looks like so unstressed!
    Glenda 101

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      I know! When all you have to worry about is whether you sleep in a dresser drawer or a slum brown box – well, whether he realizes it or not – Legend is STYLING! lol

  30. Miriam Grazier says:

    What a gorgeous cat. Fabulous artwork too.

  31. Helen says:

    Morning Joy, Williams card is fabulous. I bet his Daddy will treasure it. The cat looks like he is all created out! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 107

  32. Zoe Young Kirkby (@CraftygasheadZo) says:

    Looks like you’re all organised, even if puddy is put out! Take care & enjoy the snooping! Zo xx 74

  33. Anne Rx says:

    You are going to be sooo busy with the Blogathon! Love your cat, looks very pampered which is just how it should be. Noticed your comment on another post that you have not received any ATCs – mine may not be the most exciting but I would love to send you one if you wish. Please let me know and I will get one off to you straight away – can’t have you going without! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #43

  34. Love your story and dying to see the resulting efforts of your blogathon.

  35. Brenda B says:

    Sounds like a busy weekend coming up with the blogathon. Kitty looks none too pleased but c’est la vie! They have a great way of letting us know they’re not happy don’t they? I tell you, if I could have taken that little goosie home with me, I would have! Reminds me of the story on CBS of the retired man who made friends with a goose at the park.. Very cool story.


  36. Rita says:

    Fabulous Notebooks. A very tidy desk too. Welcome to WOYWW. Hugs Ritaxx

  37. Twiglet says:

    Enjoy the Blogathon. Very laid back cat there!! x Jo

  38. Marcie says:

    It going to be a hot weekend here. This will be my first Blogathon wish me luck so much to do so little time!

  39. I have a notebook that I carry around in my purse. At first I hated to mess it up with my writing but now I’ve dug in! It’s nice getting organized, I must admit. This weekend I think I’m going to tackle my one close that I throw all my craft supplies in — oh my! This will be interesting, indeed!

    I started following you on pinterest – it may show my name as Kay Hammock.

    I didn’t to a WOYWW post this week – time ran away!


    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Hi Kay,

      Thanks for joining me on Pinterest – delighted to follow you back – can’t wait to explore your boards – looks like you have been having as much fun there as I have! 🙂

      I need a new notebook for my purse. I used to carry one around but due to shoulder pain my husband has been shrinking my purses so space has been an issue. I just got a new purse though and I think I managed to sneak in an inch or two of extra space – so I will see if I can squeeze a notebook back in once I make the change-over! 🙂

  40. Hey! An actual desk this time. Whoo hoo! Is kitty really pouting or just plotting revenge? It’s so hard to tell.

  41. Bernice says:

    Oh your workdesk must be very comfy -isn’t it nice to have company while you craft!

  42. trisha too says:

    Well, I’m going to have to check out the blogathon!

    I didn’t have much to show this week, so did
    WOYWW–The Daughter Edition!


  43. Amy E says:

    It looks like you’ve lost your workdesk to your very comfortable kitty this week!!!

    Amy E. #17

  44. Tracy says:

    Awww who can resist such a fuzz face? Look forward to seeing all your creative goodness for the blogathon! Warmly, Tracy #105

  45. Zeffy says:

    I know what you mean I can never find my notebook when I need it….but I try…thank you for the linkd for the blogathon will pop over and take a look…your cats look darling!!keep well.Zeffy#165

  46. Lisa says:

    Wow tidy even the cat can find a place. So cute. My cat would take one look at the room as usual and walk away!

  47. mommyle says:

    I am anxious to see what you do with the cat. There are so many possibilities… Spray ink, modge podge, tissue tape…. HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! Just teasing. I LOVE your notebook!!! The girl is awesome!

  48. My Froley says:

    Adorable kitty cat ! I love when the desk gets tidied.


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