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A Season Of Mysteries – Book Review

Imagine what it would be like to have the gift of recall… to be able to remember conversations verbatim… to have a memory that recalls conversations for days after they happen. Would you consider this ability a gift – or a curse?

Dr. Richard Powell – a 52-year old literature professor – possesses this unique ability, and he doesn’t consider it a gift at all. He feels he is “haunted by words”. In particular, he says he is haunted by dialogues that date back to 1976 – the summer he was 15.

Worried that he might be going insane, he shares his story about his unusual talent with two colleagues – Dr. David Woodruff and Dr. Jake Throneberry, a professor of clinical psychology.

If I could only undiscover the scary things that I saw and learned then. If I could undiscover the words that uncovered an evil…reality. Otherwise I feel as if I’m in … a kind of permanent haunting.

His colleagues are skeptical about his claims, but their skepticism quickly turns to fascination as Richard recounts their dialogue from the moment of their arrival, word from word. They assure him he is sane and encourage him to write everything down.

Think of it as a literary catharsis…

Listen to yourself remember. Few people do that, Richard. And memories surprise us so much, our first instinct is often to dismiss them.

Richard follows his colleagues’ advice, and his written memories lead us into the heart of A Season Of Mysteries – A Novel by Rusty Whitener.

A Season Of Mysteries is the engaging, coming-of-age story of a group of boys who first bonded five years earlier during Little League. These friends now attend church and Boy Scouts together. In this story, their faith is challenged as they encounter things outside their understanding, and find themselves drawn into an epic battle between good and evil.

Rusty has written an intelligent novel full of quotable passages and memorable conversations. A Season Of Mysteries is an enjoyable story – and a worthy follow-up to his first novel, A Season of Miracles.

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About Rusty Whitener

Rusty Whitener

Rusty Whitener is a man with a diverse background For 12 years, he pastored a church before pursuing his dream to touch people through his writing and acting.

Rusty’s first novel, A Season of Miracles (2010, Kregel Publications), earned two Christy Award nominations and won the Gold Medal with Foreward Review’s Book Of The Year awards in Religious Fiction. Rusty’s screenplay adaption of the novel won the L.A. Movieguide Award and the Kairos Prize (second place) and was made into a movie.

His second novel, A Season Of Mysteries, was release by Kregel Publications in May 2013.

Rusty graduated from Wheaton College and holds a D. Min and J.D. He also studied Acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New Your City and has appeared in many movie and television roles. In addition to novels, Rusty enjoys writing screenplays as well.

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