Where Bloggers Create 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013

Welcome to Where Bloggers Create 2013 – that fabulous event where creative bloggers around the world throw open the doors of their art studios, craft rooms, and creative spaces and invite you on a behind-the-scenes tour of where the inspiration starts and the magic begins! This is my fourth year participating in this event, and the blogging event I most look forward to each year! If you’re as eager as I am to begin the tour – let’s get started!

The Creative Corner

This year, I’m excited to share that I am crafting in a new space! I have moved from “The Paper Palace” into “The Creative Corner”! Comparatively speaking, The Creative Corner is a smaller space than The Paper Palace. However, I love creating here because The Creative Corner, with its cathedral ceilings, has a lighter, brighter and airier feel to it than the Paper Palace ever did!

The View

I named my new studio The Creative Corner because most of my creativity occurs in the corner of the room where my computer is housed! The reason I set my computer up here is because I love to gaze out of the window when I work! As spacious as The Paper Palace was, it had a terrible view, so my back was to the window in that space. In The Creative Corner, I frequently gaze out of the window both day and night!


My cats also love to hang out in the window! One day Legend and I were looking out of the window and out of the blue, a hummingbird flew right up to Legend and hovered nose to nose with him! We were both so surprised that neither one of us moved a muscle! For one magical moment, time stopped as the hummingbird hovered before us, suspended in time, before flying away! How I wish I had my camera in hand at that moment to capture that unforgettable moment!

My Tea Bear by Lynn Lupetti

Another thing that distinguishes The Creative Corner from The Paper Palace was my approach to designing the space. In The Paper Palace, I used every bit of space that I could find for storage, lining the walls with shelves and cramming as much stuff into the space as I could. In The Creative Corner, I’ve gone with a “less is more” philosophy, choosing a more open feel in my decorating. So – instead of placing shelves all around me – I’ve opted for artwork (My Tea Bear by Lynn Lupetti) and an Inspiration Board!

Inspiration Board

What this means is that storage space in The Creative Corner is at a premium, and I have to be highly selective about what I place in here. I currently store most of my crafting supplies in a closet. Here’s a peek at what lies behind the sliding doors:

Closet Left

Closet View – Left

Closet Right

Closet View – Right

At the top of the closet is a hanging rod that I use to store my collection of decorative tapes and oversized ribbons and lace.

Decorative Tape Storage

These shelves also house paper, stamps and embellishments of all types! Many of my items reside in pretty baskets and portable containers so I can easily locate what I need – and transport them from one place to another. Here’s a closer look at one of the shelves!


I store most of my paper in the shelves that reside under the window.

Paper Storage

I also keep an assortment of frequently used crafting supplies within arm’s reach!

Handy Supplies

In addition to crafting, I am an avid reader and book reviewer. I set up a special bookshelf to house all of the books I am scheduled to review, along with a few books from my personal library, and my CTMH ink pads!


On my desk, I keep a special organizer where I house my notebooks and the books I’m currently reading and reviewing.

Desk Organizer

Here’s a close-up of one of the projects I created this year in The Creative Corner. If you’d like to learn how to create something similar, check out my Altered Box Tutorial!

Altered Box

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me at Create With Joy – and thanks to Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage for hosting this event! I look forward to visiting you (please leave a comment) and invite you to stay in touch!

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  1. Kristen D says:

    Very Nice!!! 🙂 Love all the organization!

  2. CreativeGrammie says:

    I’m not participating in this year’s party, but I am having a wonderful time visiting everyone! You have a lovely well organized studio! And I’m sure you get quite a bit done in there. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Nina
    Twitter: mamastreasures

    Lovely creative space! Thanks for sharing. Don’t know that I’ll be able to get in on all the fun today, but this has inspired me to take some photos of my newly reorganized Vintage Mama’s Cottage, just a few steps outside my back door, nestled in our peaceful woods. You are always an inspiration!

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