WOYWW – See The Possibilities

Wholeport Craft Supplies
Happy WOYWW to you, dear friends! Today, as I’m sorting through my latest crafting supplies from Wholeport, I’m playing a game called “See The Possibilities”. As I look at each item, I think about what I could do with each one and how the item fits into my creative plans!

Easy peasy? Play along! I’ll share some of my thoughts in this post and you share your ideas in the comments!

Happy Time Bag

The first item is a pretty blue zippered bag. It’s marketed as a roasting bag for packaging food but it reminds me more of a pretty pencil case which would be perfect for storing pens, pencils and markers! It’s also great for storing flat embellishments like the items you see in this picture. I also think it would be a perfect card holder – especially if you wanted to package a few of your handmade cards as a gift!

Wholeport Fabric Ribbons

Next is an assortment of sewing fabric labels which the seamstresses among us will put to good use! Since I don’t sew, however, I’m looking for ways to integrate these fabulous products into various craft and gift projects! The fruity ribbon is perfect for recipe books, scrapbooking layouts, and food gifts! The Christmas ribbons are perfect for Christmas cards and gifts. The remaining ribbons are great for vintage ATCs and projects (the script ribbon) and for feminine and spring/summer cards (the pink and blue ribbon).

Wholeport Girl and Star Buttons

Finally, the beautiful flat back buttons are perfect for adding a little dimension without a lot of bulk or weight to cards, scrapbooks and altered projects and gifts! The silver and gold stars are a perfect complement to anything festive. The little girl buttons are adorable – the colors provide a great reason to go digging through one’s paper stash to find the perfect coordinating pattern!

What would you do with these items?
Share your thoughts in the comments!

Creative Gift Wrap

For more creative ideas, see my Creative Gift Wrapping Tutorial.

Legend - Even Kitties Pray 1

Did you know that pets can pray? Legend does! To see why Legend is praying so fervently, please visit Wordless Wednesday – When Cats Pray.

Have a fabulous week and don’t forget to check my sidebar for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!


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27 Responses to “WOYWW – See The Possibilities”

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  1. That’s a really cute collection. Happy crafting #1

  2. Jackie says:

    I was all ready to write about the ribbon then you had a bit abouts cats praying which I had to go read more about and send a link to my cat loving vicar sister!!!!!!
    Jackie 31

  3. Hi!
    I’m so glad you came for Rednesday Wednesday. I missed this weeks Create with Joy 8(
    I didn’t realize you did WYOWW. I hope you come by more often I love your parties.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      I’m so glad I’m on the invitation list for Rednesday Wednesday!
      Love the concept and I’ll be happy to participate whenever I have a contribution to make! 🙂

  4. patsy
    Twitter: Patsypat

    Hi Ramona,
    I like the fabric labels, especially the french one! Great for gift wrapping some special gift like jewelry with an eiffel tower! Oh lots of things you can do with it! Have fun! patsy

  5. JoZarty says:

    Such pretty finds which I think are useful in so many ways but first I’d save them and drool over them a while before using them for items to make (for them or with them) for my three little grandees. They would be so happy!
    love Jo x

  6. sandy :) says:

    Pencil case yep for the bag is ideal.. The ribbon tags or Atc’s you can get fabric glue so you could glue it on something maybe a pretty hand towel. The xmas one you could make something for the Xmas tree a decoration maybe..
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy 🙂 #36

  7. Ria Gall says:

    Hi Joy
    what lovely pretty things you have out on your desk for us to see today. I look forward to seeing what you do with all of those wonderful bits
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  8. Julie Ann Lee
    Twitter: woletz1hotmail.co.uk

    My son and I have often come into the room to find our cat Daisy praying, meditating or at her devotions in some way! I can’t believe that Legend is an equally spiritual cat! I have just started to make my own books, so I think I would use the ribbons as book markers in a notebook! Julie Ann x #45

  9. LOVE that blue zippered bag! I don’t know what I’d do with it but it would be sure to make time even happier! ♥

  10. Nikki C says:

    that package would make a cute pencil case or even make up bag for your purse have fun with the rest of your goodies and I’m sure you’ll use em up
    Nikki 6

  11. Brigita says:

    I wouldn’t have thought the bag is for food. The little girl buttons are too cute. Brigita #97

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Nope, I don’t see it either (as a food bag) – but that’s the great thing about thinking outside of the box – somewhere, something is possible for just about anyone! 🙂

      Have a great day Brigita!

  12. Marianne says:

    Creating certainly is my joy. Your finds are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

    Blessings for many creative days ahead,


  13. Tertia says:

    Man I love that little bag. Roasting? No ways!!!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #40

  14. Sally says:

    Happy Rednesday and happy crafting with all your fun stuff!

  15. Nan G says:

    A roasting bag?! Way to cute…pencil bag or bits n pieces like all my flat flowers or leftover grunge labels. The rest well, they’re a bit out of my comfort zone. Your ideas sound good to me. Off to visit Legend! Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

  16. Angel
    Twitter: Sewcraftyangel

    All these pieces are adorable. I can see the crafting possibilities. Thanks for sharing with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

  17. Linda says:

    I like the cat, too. 🙂 Best wishes, Linda

  18. Christine says:

    Tell Legend to ‘throw one up’ for me as well. I shall have a word with my Eppy cat.

  19. Christine says:

    Bishopsmate #70

  20. April S. says:

    Maybe the seam tape could be used as ribbon on a card or a mixed media project. Legend is so handsome – I hope his prayers come true. April #115

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