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Hot Buttons – Bullying & Image Editions – Review

If you are a parent, keeping abreast of the issues that your children and teenagers face in today’s world – and creating a safe environment where they can comfortably talk about these issues with you – is probably one of the most important priorities you’ve set, yet one of the biggest challenges you face. Certain issues seem to be especially tough to talk about.

Nicole O’Dell – a mother of six – is no stranger to this process. To help facilitate the process, Nicole shares what she has learned in a series of books called Hot Buttons that deal with some of the most pressing issues of our times.

What’s are hot buttons? Why are they so important?

Here’s what Nicole says about hot buttons:

It’s one of those topics people generally acknowledge to be inflammatory or controversial. It’s a real issue that hits hard and is often confusing – one that can be life-changing – and often requires immediate attention.

Hot buttons are particularly important for you, as parents, to be able to discuss with your children, tweens, and teenagers. Dating, Internet, Sexuality and Drugs are among the hot button issues Nicole has addressed in the past.

I recently had the opportunity to review the latest two books in the series – Hot Buttons Image Edition and Hot Buttons Bullying Edition. Both books are similarly structured and provide lots of practical and biblically based tips for dealing with these challenging subjects.

Part One of the books prepares you on how to broach the subject. They give you background information on the topic and discuss why, when and how you should discuss the topic.

Part Two of the books delve into the topic of each book. In Hot Buttons – Bullying Edition, you’ll discuss how bullying manifests and progresses, the various forms it takes, and learn more about the bully and the victim. In Hot Buttons – Image Edition, you’ll look at the role of how various factors such as popularity and celebrities and the media influences image, and discuss important topics such as self-esteem, body image and eating disorders.

Part Three of the books contain protective procedures and biblical measures to implement to protect your family as well as a series of strategic scenarios to practice with your children and teenagers to help them ward off the issues.

Part Four contains a Parent-Teen Study Guide.

The author provides additional notes and resources at the end of both books.

The Hot Buttons series is easy to read and full of up-to-date information that could change the course of your teenager’s life! I recommend both the Hot Buttons Bullying Edition and the Hot Buttons Image Edition to you!

About Nicole O’Dell

Nicole O'Dell

Nicole O’Dell is dedicated to guiding parents and teens to victorious relationships and good choices. She is the author of 23 books since 2007 and the founder of Choose NOW Ministries.
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  1. Adrian says:

    Bullying is something we definitely have a lot of experience with. My son has always been a bit of a magnet for bullies and has had problems from grade school on. It’s such a difficult issue to solve because it is multiple people you are dealing with who may have multiple problems or motivations. One thing that helped him a lot was Scouting. I think that gave him a lot of confidence and a positive environment where he could accomplish things with the help of his fellow Scouts and his leaders. I read an interesting article on bullying recently that really hit home with me. It said that a lot of kids are bullies because that’s the only way they ever learned how to get what they want. They never learned the art of compromise or persuasion, or even the patience to be OK about not getting something they want. I think that made a lot of sense and I think that is something we should really work on with kids from a very young age – use your words, not your fists to get what you want. #SITSSharefest

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Dear Adrian,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! I’m sorry to hear that your son has been a victim of bullying – but I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from your wisdom and advice!

      I love your suggestion of scouting – a place that can not only instill confidence in a positive environment, but can also help children to learn to get along with and respect one another!

      Happy New Year to you!

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