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Sinners Creed

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Sinner’s Creed – Book Review

Abuse is a terrible thing. It distorts your view of God and shatters your relationship with Him. It negatively impacts every area of your life. It changes who you are. No matter how accomplished or how successful you may become, you ultimately discover that you cannot escape your past. No matter how many ways you try to numb your pain, you discover that you can never escape it – that you can never find true peace until you meet the One who can heal you.

Some things are better left, forgotten in the past,
But somehow, those memories never fade.
As I look at these photographs,
The years don’t stop staring back.
They’re as deep as the lines on my face.
So I say it to myself
I’ve lost my way
I’m someone else…

Scott Stapp – Crash from Proof Of Life

That’s why Sinner’s Creed – the intensely personal memoir by Scott Stapp, the Grammy Award-winning lead vocalist of the multi-platinum rock band Creed – is such an important book. In Sinner’s Creed, Scott provides us with an extremely candid look at his life – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and shows us that no matter who we are – rich or poor, successful or suicidal, addict or alcoholic– we all need healing. We all need God. We all need a Savior.


Scott has learned these lessons the hard way. He’s experienced the best and the worst that life has to offer. He’s walked that proverbial mile wearing each of these man’s shoes.

Pull back the curtain come on in.
Through the stain glass windows of where I’ve been.
Some parts holy. Some parts dark as sin.
The time has come to take off my mask.
Watch the scars spill secrets from my past.
This freak show won’t define who I am.

What I thought was all of my life story.
Turns out it was only just one page.
It’s a new beginning, I have got so much left to say.
Scott Stapp – Dying To Live from Proof Of Life

Sinner’s Creed opens at The Delano Hotel in Miami Beach Florida in November 2006 – the place where he credits rapper T.I. for saving his life after falling 16 stories from his hotel balcony. From there, Scott travels back in time to his childhood – to fond memories of his grandfather who taught him about a God who loves – to dark memories of an abusive stepfather who taught him about a God who demands perfection and punishes those who fall short. No matter how hard Scott tried, he could never please his stepfather or live up to his standards. Through increasingly abusive punishments, Scott’s stepfather falsely taught him that he would never measure up to God’s standards – and that it was his job to torture him in the name of love.

Scott 1

Scott’s story is heartbreaking. While few of us can relate to the excesses of a rock star, most of the experiences that Scott shares are deeply personal and highly relatable. It easy to see how the pain that Scott experiences in his childhood sets the stage for all that follows in Scott’s life.

I’m not evil
No matter what you think of me
I’m just human
There’s a part of you that’s just like me

I have fallen
I have broken every piece
Heard heaven calling
I could only reach this from my knees
and now I believe

I can’t let this life pass me by
In a blink of an eye it ends
I can’t let my tomorrows decide
What I am in this life
It’s like committing slow suicide.
Scott Stapp – Slow Suicide from Proof Of Life

One of the things that I found fascinating about Scott’s story is that he is a man of many contrasts. For example, although Scott grows up in a strictly regimented environment where rock and roll music is forbidden –when he escapes his claustrophobic household, it is rock and roll music he turns to and expresses himself through.

Scott and Family

Although Scott is one of the few who find fame and fortune through his music – that fame and fortune comes with a high price tag. He learns many difficult lessons – like no amount of money, fame and success can buy his family of origin’s true love. But – he learns what real love is when he meets Jacqueline Neshiwat – a woman of faith who he ultimately marries, and who ultimately helps him to get clean and sober and reconnect to the true, loving God his grandfather once taught him about.

Lay down your pain,
Cut it from your heart,
let it fall like rain,
Like tears in the dust.
There in the dark,
There’s a raging fire looking for a spark,
Let it light you up…
Let it light you up…

I’ll get back up for good this time.
I ain’t coming down!
I’ll get back up cuz my whole life,
I was lost, but now I’m found.
It’s the dawn of a new day…new day.
Scott Stapp – New Day Coming from Proof Of Life

Sinner’s Creed – Scott’s memoir – provides us with a true and moving testimony of God’s grace, love and mercy and Proof Of Life – Scott’s new solo album – invites us to experience his journey through music.

In the opening to this book, Scott writes:

I did compromise my principles through acts that were destructive to myself and harmful to others, but I never lost my faith.

This, then, is my simple testimony:

That God is real.
That I am His child.
That I am grateful for His boundless mercy and loving grace.
That by confessing my frailties and my sin, I can embrace new freedom and deeper forgiveness.
And that this book, written in the blood of a Christian who lost his way in the maze of life on earth, is dedicated to Him.

I highly recommend Sinner’s Creed and invite you to learn more about Scott, the book, and his new album by watching the videos that follow!

Video – Scott Stapp Discusses Sinner’s Creed

In the following video, Scott Stapp discusses his new book, Sinner’s Creed:

For More Information:

Proof Of Life – Album Review

Proof Of Life Album - Scott Stapp

Review Copy

Proof Of Life – Scott Stapp’s new solo album from Wind-Up Records – is the musical autobiography that expresses so lyrically the powerful story that Scott put to words in Sinner’s Creed. The album takes us through Scott’s struggles with drugs, alcohol, and depression – and ultimately, his struggle to find out who God really is and if God really loves him.

Can Scott, a sinner, be forgiven for all of his many failings in his life?

Does he deserve another chance at life?

Can he experience the forgiveness of those around him?

Can he forgive himself?

The album contains a combination of hard-hitting rock songs like the single “Slow Suicide” – uplifting tunes like “Dying To Live” – and the anthem-like “New Day Coming”, my favorite song of all.

If you are a fan, you will want to add this CD to your collection. If you are new to Scott’s music, you will find reading Sinner’s Creed and listening to Proof Of Life a fascinating look into the life of a man who has been to hell and back – and is now trying to live on this side of heaven.

Scott Stapp

In Scott’s words:

Q: What sets Proof of Life apart from all of Scott’s previous albums?

I made up my mind to face myself as a man and an artist.
This record is my first no-holds-barred statement of exactly who I am.

Q: What is the correlation between the Sinner’s Creed and Proof of Life?

That book was incredibly cathartic and enabled me to release a lifetime of pent-up feelings about my past. Sinner’s Creed paved the way for Proof of Life which, in musical terms, is another reaffirmation of my personal history. There were years when I thought it had all been a waste. I looked around at the damage I had done and thought – man, I’ve made a mess. But now I see that I’m able to turn that mess into a message. That message takes the form of songs that comprise the spine of my story.

Q: What sets Proof Of Life apart from your previous albums?

In nearly thirty years as a recording artist, I’ve never been so hands-on with a project. I was involved with every hit of the drumstick, every chord on the keyboard and every note of every guitar solo. My artistic life depended on it. I had to present the incontrovertible proof of my life in a candid and honest way that revealed the real me. If I’ve been able to do so, the reason is all about recovering the strength of my faith – the faith that lets us see that we are not only protected, but nurtured and preserved by a love that knows no limits.”

Following is the first single released from Scott’s Proof Of Life album.

For More Information:

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  1. Hazel Moon says:

    Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story, – – this amazing testimony of God’s mercy to save Scott and actually anyone who will come to him.

  2. What an amazing story. We loved Creed’s music and I didn’t know much about Scott’s life or the reasons for the band’s breakup. This sounds like a difficult but inspiring read. Thanks for sharing the book and the music!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Hi Tanya,

      I hope you have a chance to read this book – I couldn’t put it down!

      (I really wasn’t that familiar with Scott or Creed before reading the book so I enjoyed the book on the basis of the story – not because I was a mega-fan).

      I believe that when someone survives the kind of life that Scott has led – including the 16 story fall – and he is still here – God has sent him back for a purpose. I hope his book touches many people’s lives!


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