WOYWW – The Beginning Of Creativity

WOYWW - The Beginning Of Creativity

Happy WOYWW dear friends! Today I’m in the process of making a card.

It’s not complete. Sometimes I like to let ideas simmer. But – on stressful days like these – sometimes the simple placement of a few splashes of colorful washi tape across a blank space makes the world seem like a simpler, kinder place.

Need more soothing? Nothing is more soothing than a purring kitten! If you’d like to see what the newest member of my family is up to today, stop by and visit Magellan, the Shadow Gazer!

Have a wonderful week as you travel through the journey of a thousand desks! If you’d like to take a creative journey through the alphabet with us this year, please join us for Friendship Friday!


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11 Responses to “WOYWW – The Beginning Of Creativity”

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  1. Yip, I know all about simmering ideas, some times it takes days for inspiration to hit, but at least it is ready and waiting on your desk for when it does. #25

  2. Julia Dunnit says:

    Ah yes. The ‘walking around it until it speaks to me’ phase. I do that a lt. And is that my eyes or is that super wide washi tape. The likes of which I don’t have but might need?!!!

  3. Zoe says:

    I too love to let an idea simmer, I usually have a few ticking away in the background.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Zoe #32

  4. Sandy :) says:

    hmm yes the stand back and look and thinking what next.. Yes do that a lot.. Love the wide washi tape.
    Sandy 🙂 really late woyww visitor..

  5. Susanne says:

    Wow, it thought for sure that was patterned paper and not washi. I usually let my layouts simmer when they are about 3/4 done. Then I can fiddle and finish. This week I’m afraid I’m just stalling on getting started. But it’s fun to be back to WOYWW. Susanne #66

  6. Tertia says:

    I often let things lie and simmer for a while. Sometimes it works and sometimes it simmers itself right into the waste paper 🙂
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #14

  7. April S. says:

    Your new kitty is adorable. I need to go to my craft room and make some craftiness happen. I need to make 5 sympathy cards and 2 get well cards. ugghhhh MOJO – where are you? April #11

  8. Brigita says:

    Yes, some days, the ideas just don’t seem to flow out. Or some cards come together in the blink of an eye and others I’m sitting there stumped. Oh how I love the sound and feel of a purring kittie. I used to have cats and now I have 2 dogs – and one would want to treat a cat like he does his stuffed toys. 🙁 Brigita #92

  9. Donna DM Yates says:

    Just how creativity runs. Then suddenly you’re running with it. Your new kitty is adorable.


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