Wordless Wednesday – Cat Chatter

Magellan - Birdwatching 1

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Photos Of The Week
Magellan & The Birds

Quote Of The Week
The reason cats climb is so that they can look down
On almost every other animal.
It’s also the reason they hate birds.

K.C. Buffington

Magellan - Birdwatching 2

Now that Spring has arrived, and the trees are in bloom,
Magellan has become enamored by all the birds that
Fly by our window all day!

Hummingbirds hover eye to eye with him.
Songbirds flitter in and out of the trees.
Crows fly by and startle us with their massive wing spread.

If you have cats and have observed their behavior around birds,
You may be aware of a phenomenon called cat chatter.

Cats exhibit this behavior when they go into hunter mode –
Become riveted to their potential prey –
And then start to move their mouth in a chattering sound,
Making unusual clicks and chirp like sounds that are
Very different from their normal meows!

Magellan - Birdwatching 3

I’ve exhibited this behavior in all of my Maine Coons over the years and –
Since they have all been indoor cats – I had assumed that
These sounds were involuntary sounds stemming from frustration
For not being able to catch their prey!

Today, however, I read a fascinating article which indicated that
Cat chatter could actually be a part of their natural instinct that
Enables them to mimic their prey – making it easier to catch it in the wild!

Magellan - Birdwatching 4

Today’s photos show Magellan exhibiting chattering behavior
While watching the birds – and, finally,
Exhibiting a loud wail of frustration because he could not get to them!

How many of you have chattering cats?
Share your experiences with us in the comments!

If you’ve never seen a cat chatter,
Leo The Cat provides a masterful demonstration in the following video!

Have a wonderful week and US cat parents –
Don’t forget to enter our
#PreciousCat Cat Attract Litter Giveaway!

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85 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Cat Chatter”

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  1. micupoftea says:

    Visiting from Freedom Fridays- happy Friday! Our 3 cats all chatter at birds. We now have a rescued Main Coon and he sometimes chatters at his toys. 🙂

  2. Our kitties both do this when they watch birds as well. All our (mostly) indoor cats do it but actually I don’t remember our outdoors cats doing this and they actually hunted birds. Perhaps they only did it when hunting so I never heard it.

  3. keiths ramblings says:

    I can hear the noise from here!

  4. In his book, ‘Catwatching’, Desmond Morris writes that the chattering is the cat going instinctively into ‘bite’ mode.

    “The cat is performing its highly specialized killing-bite, as if it already had the unfortunate bird clamped between its jaws… [in] a peculiar jaw movement employed to bring about an almost instantaneous death.”

    He refers to birds seen through windows. A cat that’s actively hunting wouldn’t chirp, or ‘pretend’, it would pounce.

    Isn’t nature amazing?

    And your pictures are too! Lovely little chirpper!
    Happy WW!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1


      Thank you for sharing that amazing fact with us! Catwatching and Dogwatching by Desmond Morris are both amazing books!

      Magellan has his adult teeth in and let me tell you – having been victim to his “clamps” (I am trying to break him of some of his “rough play” habits, which he gets from his playtime with Dad) – I feel sorry for any bird that ever has the misfortune of coming in contact with his jaws! Lucky for them, he is an indoor cat!

      My big toe has a few puncture wounds from his A.M. morning attacks!


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