Atlas Girl by Emily T. Wierenga

Atlas Girl

Atlas Girl – Book Review

There are certain things in life that are just as essential to our survival as the air that we breathe.

We need to feel loved – we need to feel important – we need to believe that we matter.

We need a sense of purpose – a sense of belonging – a place we can call home.

Atlas Girl – Finding Home In The Last Place I Thought To Look is the incredibly moving memoir of Emily T. Wierenga – a woman who leaves home at the age of 18, with no intention of ever returning, to escape the pain of her past.

In Atlas Girl, Emily describes in moving detail her travels, far and wide, to escape the things that haunt her – situations and emotions that caused her to starve herself as she spends her childhood battling depression and anorexia.

No matter how fast and how far she runs, however, she cannot escape the great love of God.

Sometimes in life, we come full circle. Emily finds the answers she is seeking when she returns home to her family – to care for her mother, who is dying of brain cancer.

Filled with both heartbreak and hope, Atlas Girl is a poignant memoir that you do not want to miss.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Atlas Girl – Book Trailer

Emily T. Wierenga

Emily Wierenga

Emily Wierenga is a former editor, ghostwriter, freelance writer and staff journalist, a monthly columnist for The Christian Courier, and the author of Save My Children (Castle Quay Books, 2008), Chasing Silhouettes (Ampelon Publishing, 2012) and Mom in the Mirror (Rowman & Littlefield, 2013). Emily resides in Alberta, Canada.

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4 Responses to “Atlas Girl by Emily T. Wierenga”

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  1. Pamela says:

    I love this book cover. The thought that we can never outrun the love of God is bigger than I am. How can He love us so much even when we’re not responding to Him? This is certainly one I’ll have to read. ~Pamela

  2. Tina at Mommynificent
    Twitter: mommynificent

    Emily writes so beautifully! I’m sure this is a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! Hope to see you again this week!

  3. ~ linda says:

    I just tried to buy this book yesterday but they were out. So, now, thanks to your review, I will surely order it online. Thanks. ~ linda

  4. AlyssaZ
    Twitter: Alyssa_zech

    I really enjoyed this book as well! It was raw, honest, and such a good look at how life can just mess us up.

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