Finding Zoe by Brandi Rarus and Gail Harris

Finding Zoe

Finding Zoe – Book Review

We can never fully understand what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes. That’s why reading the stories of other people are so important.

Well-written biographies, autobiographies and memoirs provide us with insight and compassion into lives that differ from ours and help us to better understand our own humanity when commonalities exist.

That’s the beauty of Finding Zoe – A Deaf Woman’s Story of Identity, Love and Adoption by Brandi Rarus and Gail Harris.

Finding Zoe will raise your consciousness on a number of important social issues while tugging at your heartstrings.

Finding Zoe is a book about ordinary people who must learn how to overcome personal challenges and live with the consequences of their choices.

It’s a book about vulnerable people who must learn how to fit in and find their place in the world.

It’s a book about hurting people who must learn how to move past rejection and embrace people who truly love and care about them.

It’s a book about strong people who have the courage and conviction to do what is right, even when those choices are hard to make.

It’s a book that has something for everyone.

Finding Zoe is the story of Brandi Rarus – a woman who lost her hearing at age 6 when she contracted spinal meningitis. Her life trajectory could have taken a turn for ordinary – or worse – at an early age, but it didn’t. She was fortunate.

Although she often found herself caught between two worlds – the world of the deaf and of the hearing – she found the courage to pursue her own path. She became Miss Deaf America 1988 – served as a spokesperson for the deaf community – and went on to marry and have three non-deaf sons.

But – Brandi could not help but feel a sense of incompleteness in her life.

It’s also the story of Jess – a young woman who is swept off her feet by someone she doesn’t really know and – after one intimate encounter – finds herself having to make some difficult choices about her future and the child she is now carrying inside of her.

And, it’s the story of the men in Brandi and Jess’s lives – their families – and Jess’s child.

If you are looking for an inspiring story – and particularly, if one of the themes in this book speaks to your heart – by all means, read this book!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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About Brandi Rarus

Brandi Rarus

Deaf since age six after contracting spinal meningitis, Brandi Rarus could speak and read lips, but felt caught between the deaf and hearing world—fitting into neither. When she realized you don’t need to hear to live a fulfilled life, she became empowered and was chosen as Miss Deaf America. From signing the National Anthem at a Chicago Cubs game to speaking at corporate conferences, Brandi traveled the country speaking out for deaf children and building awareness of what it means to be Deaf.

Brandi married Tim Rarus, an advocate for Deaf people whose work inspired the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act. Together, they have paved the way to bring new technologies that promote equal access in communication. Brandi and Tim live in Austin, Texas, with their four children: three hearing boys and the youngest, Zoe, a Deaf girl they adopted.

Today, Brandi and her family are tirelessly dedicated to ensuring all children find their rightful place in our world.

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  1. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review,this sounds like a book I would enjoy.

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    I think I’d enjoy reading this!

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