Rasmus And The Vagabond by Astrid Lindgren

Rasmus and the Vagabond

Rasmus And The Vagabond – Book Review

When you think back to childhood, which books and literary characters hold a special place in your heart?

One of my fondest memories comes from the time I spent vicariously experiencing the adventures of Pippi Longstocking – that unforgettable, high-spirited gal with the remarkable red braids!

If you are also a fan of Pippi’s – or a lover of classic children’s books – or are simply looking for a wholesome adventure featuring a young male protagonist – you’ll be delighted to learn that Astrid Lindgren’s classic story, Rasmus And The Vagabond, is now back in print!

Rasmus And The Vagabond tells the story of Rasmus – an endearing, 9-year old orphan who wants nothing more in life than to be adopted by a family who will love and want him – straight hair and all!

When his hopes for being adopted are dashed, and he can no longer bear living under the ever-watchful eye of Miss Hawk, he decides to take matters into his own hands and run away.

Rasmus soon discovers that life on the road isn’t as easy as he thought. Fortunately, he soon crosses paths with Oscar – the “self-proclaimed paradise tramp” and “God’s best friend!”

Before long, Rasmus and Oscar befriend one another and find themselves in the midst of an exciting adventure that involves dastardly villains – hidden treasure – and even a damsel in distress!

Although Rasmus And The Vagabond was initially written in 1956, this easy-to-read book with its compelling themes and charming illustrations still stands the test of time.

Rasmus And The Vagabond is a well-beloved classic that deserves a place on your family’s bookshelf.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

About Astrid Lindren

Astrid Lindgren

Astrid Lindgren, the creator of Pippi Longstocking, Emil, and dozens of other world-famous characters, has thrilled three generations of children with her storytelling.

Did you know that Astrid is the only children’s author with a literary prize, a theme park, a museum, a satellite, and a minor planet named in her honor? (After this last honor, Astrid suggested changing her name to “Asteroid Lindgren.”)

A jury appointed by Swedish Radio’s Culture Department to elect the “Author of the Millennium” voted Astrid Lindgren second after William Shakespeare. Astrid has received the Hans Christian Andersen Medal and heaps of other awards and honors.

In May 2013, Astrid was recognized as the world’s 18th most translated author and the third most translated children’s books author after Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm Brothers.

Astrid has sold approximately 144 million books worldwide.


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  1. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    Great review!

  2. TwoPlusCute says:

    Super informative review and a sweet reminder of times way back. 🙂

  3. Reshama
    Twitter: Stackingbks

    What a perfect book for summer time reading! This one is going on our TBR shelf. We loved Pippi series and this one sounds like a great read. Thanks for recommending on KBLH

  4. Tina at Mommynificent
    Twitter: mommynificent

    I keep hearing great things about this book! I’m looking forward to getting a chance to read it soon. Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!

  5. Susan Day says:

    How delightful. I’m so glad this book is now available. So many children will benefit from these wonderful stories.

  6. Alex Baugh
    Twitter: randomlyreading

    This sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing your excellect review with us and letting readers know about it.

  7. Xyra says:

    A great review. I love Pippi Longstocking and will have to look for Rasmus.
    Greetings from the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

  8. Pragmaticmom says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I thought Astrid Lindgren only wrote the Pippi Longstocking series! This one sounds great too! Thanks for sharing at the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Don’t be embarrassed – I wasn’t aware of Astrid’s rich contributions to literature until I received Rasmus and researched her background for my review (and I wasn’t aware of her other books either)! Most of us read Pippi as kids purely for the entertainment value!

  9. Delighted indeed – I haven’t read this 🙂 And I didn’t know about Astrid/Asteroid – love it! #kidlitbloghop

  10. Tiffiny says:

    I loved Pippi too! I’ve never heard of Rasmus. Thanks for introducing me to this classic.

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