At The Sharp End Of Lightning – Book Review

At The Sharp End Of Lightning

At The Sharp End Of Lightning – Book Review

If you a fan of epic science fiction and fantasy stories, you’ll be interested to learn that real-life oceanographer and scientist N.R. Bates has recently released his debut novel: At The Sharp End Of Lightning – Book One in the Oceanlight Series!

At The Sharp End Of Lightning is an ambitious project that’s described as a “tale of family, of loss and sacrifice, of unexpected gifts and coping with disability and new abilities set against the backdrop of climate change occurring across parallel worlds.”

If this story sounds intriguing, be ready to commit to reading the entire series because – at over 400 pages long – At The Sharp End Of Lightning merely lays the groundwork for what appears to be a very detailed, intricate and complex story!

At The Sharp End Of Lightning introduces us to a realm of parallel worlds that co-exist and can be accessed, under certain circumstances, through the Interface – a portal that connects different worlds and time periods.

Oceanlight is the realm of the Sea Sprites and the home of Yakara Nakira – a winged Sea Sprite. Strange things are happening in Oceanlight and she is sent out to investigate. Along the way, she encounters a deadly blue haze and discovers that another community of sprites has been destroyed under mysterious circumstances. Yakara doesn’t understand what is happening – only that something in Oceanlight is very wrong.

In our world – in Wales – a teenage boy named Einon Morgan Albon is dealing with the daily challenges of living with hemophilia when he is unwittingly recruited by a Forest Sprite and given special gifts that will allow him to travel through the Interface. This makes Einon a target for a murderous “man in a white suit”, who in actuality is not a man at all but a member of a shape-shifting race who wants to steal Einon’s gifts so that he go through the portal and return to his world!

What I like about At The Sharp End Of Lighting is that Bates has created an imaginative story filled with great promise and potential. Bates writes beautiful prose – demonstrates a strong grasp of his subject matter – and masterfully weaves a wide range of influences into his story.

However, as good as the concept is for At The Sharp End Of Lightning, you have to work hard to figure out what is going on and – when you reach the end of the book – you are left with more questions than answers.

I am looking forward to Book Two in the series as much to more fully understand the book I am leaving behind as I am in anticipation of events to come.

If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and allegory, you will probably find yourself tantalized by the possibilities that await you in this brand new world!

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

About N. R. Bates

NR Bates

NR Bates was born in London, grew up in Wales, and lived in Canada and Bermuda. He shares his life with his wife, seven cats, one dog and the tropical wildlife of lizards, wolf spiders and ant colonies that seek out a better life indoors. He is an oceanographer and scientist, and has published more than one hundred and twenty scientific papers on ocean chemistry, climate change and ocean acidification.

NR Bates is a Senior Scientist at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and Professor of Ocean Biogeochemistry at the University of Southampton, UK. His novels focus on epic fantasy and magic realism, and inspired by his deep love of the ocean and environmental sciences.


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  1. Teddy Rose says:

    Thanks for taking part in the tour. I’m glad you enjoyed ‘At the Sharp end of Lightning’!

  2. Donna says:

    This book sounds interesting. The title really caught me! I will be sure to check it out.

  3. Denise Duvall says:

    Good review!


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