Dark Wine Waters – My Husband Of A Thousand Joys And Sorrows – Review

Dark Wine Waters

Dark Wine Waters by Frances Simone – Book Review

Frances Simone says, “We know ourselves by the stories we tell.”

In her riveting and heartbreaking memoir, Dark Wine Waters – My Husband Of A Thousand Joys And Sorrows, Frances shares the story of how she – a divorced, single mother – falls in love with a man named Terry who turns out to be an alcoholic.

Although the signs are there from the start, Frances ignores them. When you need someone to love – when you need someone to love you – it’s easy to look the other way.

But – as Terry’s disease progresses – it’s harder and harder to deny the signs.

So, Frances tries to control Terry’s drinking and she tries to control him – to no avail. As she looks back, she notes that:

All of that was in vain, but we didn’t know it at the time.
Now I know better, and as I’ve learned in recovery,
“If we knew better, we’d do better.”

Fairy tales often have happy endings but – unfortunately – real life doesn’t. In the end – in spite of her husband’s repeated attempts at recovery – he ends his own life.

Dark Wine Waters provides us with a personal account of the dynamics that exist in a relationship where one person is dealing with addiction issues and the other is dealing with co-dependency issues. The book also touches upon how alcoholism impacts her son and Frances’s recovery process after her devastating loss.

Although Dark Wine Waters deals with difficult subject matter, Frances’s memoir is so honest and so beautifully written that it engages you from the start. I believe that others who have walked this path will find her story cathartic.

Frances dedicates her book to “all who know the joys and sorrows of living with an addict” and says:

My story is your story.
My recovery can be yours as well.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Video: An Interview With Fran Simone

About Fran Simone

Fran Simone

Fran Simone, Ph.D. is a Professor Emeritus from Marshall University in West Virginia. She is the former director of the WV Writing Project, a statewide affiliate of the National Writing Project, University of California at Berkeley. Her doctorate is from Duke University.

Fran’s essays have appeared in The Voice and The Quarterly of the National Writing Project, the Charleston Gazette, and the Story Circle Network Journal and Anthology. Her blog posts have appeared online in Hazelden/Betty Ford. She is a regular contributor to The Addiction Blog and to the Psychology Today blog.

Fran is a member of Story Circle Network, the National Association of Memoir Writers and West Virginia Writers, Inc. She conducts workshops on writing and speaks on addiction and recovery.

In January 2015, Fran was honored as a Featured Author of the Month by the National Memoir Association.

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