The Chronological Study Bible, NKJV – Book Review

Chronological Study Bible

The Chronological Study Bible, NKJV – Book Review

Have you ever wished you could read the Bible in the order that events actually occurred in time for a unique perspective on history?

Do you prefer Bibles with a rich variety of resources, including contextual notes, articles and full-color graphics that help immerse you in the history and culture of Biblical times?

If so, you are going to love The Chronological Study Bible, NKJV, which is also the only New King James Version study Bible that contains the text of the Bible arranged in chronological order!

The Chronological Study Bible, NKJV is visually stunning, inside and out!

NKJV Chronological Bible  Imitation Leather Earth Brown - Auburn

My Favorite – The Rich And Luxurious Earth Brown / Auburn Duotone

Externally, this Bible comes in your choice of either a soft Duotone Earth Brown/Auburn or Stone/Blue imitation leather (which looked and felt pretty real to me!) The interior is printed on parchment-colored paper and filled with soothing but colorful photos, illustrations and graphics that highlight key markers on your journey through time.

The most unique feature of this Bible, of course, is the arrangement of the text. The Chronological Study Bible is divided into 9 epochs (or periods of time). The books of the Bible are placed into epochs based on historical events that occurred (or are predicted to occur) in world history.

NKJV Chronological Bible Stone-Navy

The Visually Stunning Stone And Navy Color Combo

Here are a few more features you’ll find inside of The Chronological Study Bible, NKJV:

  • Full-color illustrations of places, artifacts, and cultural phenomena
  • Contextual articles that connect Bible events, world history and culture
  • Notes on daily life
  • Time panels and charts that show the flow of Biblical history
  • In-text and full-color maps
  • Daily one and two year Bible reading plans
  • Concordance and glossary

Chronological Study Bible NIV - Sample Pages

The Chronological Study Bible, NKJV males a wonderful gift and resource for the Bible student who wants to learn more about the history, background and culture of the Bible, and for individuals who are looking for a unique devotional and study Bible.

I rate this Bible 5 out of 5 stars.

The Chronological Study Bible – Book Trailer


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  1. I am Catholic and a lot of Catholic bibles will have a short history at the begining of the book along with maps and artwork.

    • Create With Joy
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      There are so many beautiful Bibles available!
      If you have some favorites that you’ve reviewed, feel free to share them with us at The Book Nook each month! 🙂

  2. Tina at Mommynificent
    Twitter: mommynificent

    I love reading through the Bible chronologically! Thank you for being a part of Booknificent Thursday this week.

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