HCSB Notetaking Bible – Book Review

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HCSB Notetaking Bible – Book Review

When we read our Bibles, it is so important to record the things that God is impressing upon our hearts during our devotional and study time – and the best place to do this, I believe, is in our Bibles themselves. However, it’s often difficult to do more than highlight or underline the text inside of most Bibles because margin space is limited to non-existent.

That’s why I’m so excited to share my newest Bible with you – the HCSB Notetaking Bible from B&H Publishing!

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The first thing that I want to share about the HCSB Notetaking Bible is that it is available in two beautiful floral fabric designs (one red, one blue) – as well as the classic Black/Brown Bonded Leather shown here. This edition is perfect for gift-giving and is a joy to own!

The HCSB Notetaking Bible contains the full text of the Holman Christian Standard Bible in a single-column setting with abundant space for taking notes, recording insights, making observations, raising questions, marking cross-references – even journaling!

HCSB Notetaking Bible - Interior

If you are particularly interested in spending time in the Word without any outside influence from commentators and other external notes, you will especially like the HCSB Notetaking Bible because the body of the Bible does not contain distractions to take you away from Scripture. The single-column setting is also nice because you can read this Bible the way you would read a book, without distracting breaks in the text.

The designated journaling portion of the Bible is quite generous – at least one-third of the page – and is lined for your convenience. The editors of the HCSB Notetaking Bible have also included some useful reference material in this Bible, such as a 40-page concordance, 8 four-color maps, a 1-year reading plan, a presentation page, and an introduction to the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

HCSB Notetaking Bible - Spine

The HCSB Notetaking Bible is a well-constructed Bible that’s a pleasure to hold and to carry – it fits comfortably in one’s hands and is made of quality materials, including lay flat binding.

The key thing to consider before making this purchase is the font size (which is on the small side). If this is not an issue for you, then by all means, buy the HCSB Notetaking Bible or give one to a friend – it’s perfect for taking notes!

However, if you have difficulty reading small print, then be aware that the font inside the HCSB Notetaking Bible is small and this might not be the best choice for you.

I rate this Bible 4 out of 5 stars.


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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the Lifeway / B&H Publishing Group for review purposes. However, the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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