30 Days To Joy: A One-Month Creative Journal – Book Review

30 Days To Joy

30 Days To Joy: A One-Month Creative Journal – Book Review

Have you ever wondered what the difference between happiness and joy is and wanted to explore the topic in an engaging, reflective way? Does the thought of participating in a 30-day creative guided journaling adventure hold as much appeal for you as it does for me?

If so, then treat yourself to the gift of 30 Days To Joy: A One-Month Creative Journal!

30 Days To Joy is a beautiful, hardcover journal filled with a month’s worth of inspirational quotes, journaling and artistic prompts, and plenty of spaces for you to ponder, reflect upon, write out, and draw your vision of what joy means to you.

There are no right or wrong answers as you work your way through your daily adventure – only the joy of creative discovery!

What 30 songs will you discover put you in a joyful mood?

What does your favorite weather look like?

How would you sketch joy?

What settings or locations bring you joy?

What joyful memories would you record on the two allocated pages of this special book?

At the end of your 30 days, imagine the treasured keepsake you’ll be holding in your hands!

30 Days To Joy is not only a gift you’ll be creating for yourself, it’s the perfect gift to give to your family and friends as well!

I highly recommend this book to you, and especially to all of the creative journal keepers in your life!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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