NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project – Book Review

NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project

NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project – Book Review

Have you ever wanted to sit down and read the Bible the way it was intended to be read – distraction free, without study notes, unnatural chapter headings and breaks, and tiny numbers all over the page?

Do you sometimes wish that you could re-organize the Bible and read it in a way that makes more sense to you – perhaps placing books by the same author together or key books in chronological order?

Do you dream of owning a Bible that’s designed as if it’s fine literature – printed on quality paper – boxed into a set of manageable editions that you would treasure for life?

If so, you are going to fall in love with the NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project from Zondervan!

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing many wonderful Bibles over the years, but to say that the NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project completely wowed me would be an understatement. This Bible is like no other!

NIV Sola Sciptura Bible

The NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project is designed to help us read the living Word of God in its most ancient arrangement. To do this, the editors have re-ordered the modern structure of the Old Testament according to the traditional shaping of the Hebrew Scriptures: the Torah, the Former and Latter Prophets, and the Writings. They’ve also restructured the entire layout of the New Testament by placing each of the four Gospels at the head of four groupings of books that make sense to group together (such as the gospel of John , the epistles of John, and the book of Revelation).

Finally, the editors have removed all of the chapter and verse numbers and cross references present in most modern Bibles and published the Bible in a 4-volume set on premium paper in a highly legible, elegant 10.3 point type.

NIV Sola Scriptura Bible - Psalms Sample

There is a very interesting, extremely informative guide at the beginning of each volume that introduces each individual book within this Bible set and explains why the books within the volume were organized in a particular way. I highly recommend that you read this before delving into the book as it will help you to understand and follow the logic behind the editor’s choices!

Although the concept of reading the Bible without verse references to denote may seem a little strange at first, when I sat down to read the NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project, I found myself totally immersed in the Bible in this brand new way. I found it easy to get caught up in the “story” of the Bible and to see and hear things in a new way. It was also a pleasure to read the Bible on quality paper, without the distraction of seeing through words bleeding through from the other side of the page!

If you are looking for a Bible for your home library, for your personal reading pleasure, or as a gift for someone who you know loves reading God’s Word, then I highly recommend the NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project to you!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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