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Tsunami – Things Aren’t Going Quite As We Planned

Tsunami - Expectancy (Feb 2016)

This week, I hoped to provide you with lots of great news about Tsunami but as it turns out, it’s a mixed bag. The good news is, Tsunami began his insulin treatment and his new prescription diet and seems to be responding positively to that. Although we still have to go through the process of bi-weekly testing to determine the precise dosage for him, we are encouraged that he seems to be responding to his initial diabetic treatment.

However, we had another medical scare last night which necessitated another return to the vet. Without going into all of the unpleasant details, the vet believes that the antibiotic they gave him last week for the UTI was not strong enough to fully treat it, so they are running more tests to determine specifically what he has and how to treat him.

In the meantime, poor Tsunami received two more shots of different types of medications plus a third medication we have to give him at mealtime.

Please continue to pray for Tsunami’s complete healing and recovery.

Thanks for joining us. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and look forward to returning to our regularly scheduled feature as soon as life returns to normal.

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14 Responses to “Friendship Friday Blog Hop 441”

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  1. Mary McNeil says:

    We are continuing to send purrayers and Power of the Paw for Tsunami ! We hope the vets are able to get his problems under control with no more problems.

  2. Brian Frum says:

    We’re so sorry that Tsunami is having so many challenges right now and we’ll be praying the Vet figures it all out soon. Such a sweet kitty. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

  3. NormanWilkes says:

    Have a nice day and a nice weekend ahead! Love!

  4. dorry says:

    This is cool. Joining here all the way from Philippines

  5. Amy Johnson says:

    Awww, poor kitty. He is such a beautiful cat. Thanks for the party,

  6. Ellen Pilch says:

    I will continue to pray for your sweet boy. Thank you for hosting. XO

  7. Oh Tsunami. We’re so sorry you are feeling poorly! So so many prayers and purrs your way!! You are such a pretty kitty though!

  8. We are all purraying for Tsunami and for your worried hearts.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto, Oliver, Lily and The Human

  9. I’m glad Tsunami is doing a little bit better and hope he continues to improve. Thanks for hosting. Weekend blessings!

  10. Pat says:

    Poor Tsunami I hope he feels better now wit the right medication. I know how stressful this is for you all.

  11. meowmeowmans says:

    Hooray for the diabetes treatments starting to work, and for Tsunami liking his new food. But we are very sorry to hear that the antibiotic didn’t work for Tsunami’s UTI, and that the poor guy has to go through more tests and get more meds. We are purring and praying that the vet will figure this thing out, and that it will be resolved quickly. Hugs.

  12. Oh dear, Ramona, I am so sorry that Tsunami is having such a rough time. I will continue to pray. That is so worrying for you. Take care and please do keep us posted.

  13. Jan says:

    I hope Tsunami responds well to his new treatment. He is a very blessed cat to have you as his caretaker.
    Laughter and Consistency

  14. Thanks for hosting the party. Tsunami is in my prayers. Hope he gets well soon. We have four cats and each one is an integral part of our family. When they hurt, we hurt. Well wishes to your baby.

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