NASB Wide Margin Bible Review

NASB Wide Margin Bible

NASB Wide Margin Bible, 1995 Text – Bible Review

When it comes to Bible study, I am a literalist. I prefer Bibles that use the word for word translation methodology over other types of translations because when I am studying, I am seeking the most accurate rendition of the ancient texts as possible.

With that in mind, adding the NASB 1995 translation to my Bible collection has been a goal of mine for quite some time. Not only is it considered to be the one of the most accurate modern translations available, it’s my husband’s favorite translation as well!

So I was thrilled to learn that Zondervan recently released the NASB Wide Margin Bible! When I reached out to them, they kindly provided me with a copy of this Bible for review.

NASB Wide Margin Bible 2

The first thing I like about this Bible is that it comes in a full presentation box, which makes it perfect for gift-giving and for safely storing it in your home. This is always an important feature because the only type of Bible that you should ever stand on a shelf is a hardcopy Bible. If you have a leather or Leathersoft Bible, you always want to store them horizontally so that the soft cover does not bend and become damaged. (You think this would be common sense but I learned this lesson the hard way!)

The NASB Wide Margin Bible comes in two bindings – genuine calfskin leather and the very sturdy, highly textured brown Leathersoft version I received. The texture makes it very durable – sometimes, smoother covers are prone to scratches and other markings. The cover and spine is embossed with a beautiful gold cross, and the spine says Holy Bible. The pages have lovely gold gilding around the edges and the Bible has both a brown and a gold ribbon bookmark inside.

If I were to express my overall impression of this Bible in just a few words, I would say the NASB Wide Margin Bible is highly functional. It’s not a study Bible – aside from the Concordance in the back of the book and a clarifying note here and there, you won’t get lost in the plethora of notes that accompany some Bibles.

NASB Wide Margin Bible 4

This Bible was designed to help you get in the Word and to record the notes and insights God gives you during your time with Him in the 1.5 inch margins that surround the 9.5 inch Comfort Print text. The black text on white paper also includes the added headers and the words of Christ in a deep, rich red. The text is presented in two columns on a nice-to-the-touch premium 36 GSM paper.

If you are looking for an NASB 1995 Bible that’s designed to stand up to frequent use and/or a wide margin Bible in a modern translation you can trust, then the NASB Wide Margin Bible should be on your list of Bibles to consider. This Bible particularly makes a great gift for guys too due to its more masculine and spartan feel.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this Bible to review from the publisher. However, all opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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