Slave Again by Alana Terry – Book Launch Giveaway Extravaganza

Slave Again

Slave Again – Book Launch & Giveaway Extravaganza Last year I had the privilege of reviewing Alana Terry’s debut Christian novel, The Beloved Daughter – the story of a young North Korean girl who is persecuted because her family is Christian, and her father refuses to renounce his faith. Alana’s book won numerous accolades, including […]

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The Trees Have Hearts by Mrs D – Review & Giveaway

The Trees Have Hearts

The Trees Have Hearts – Book Review Have you ever felt alone – always on the outside, looking in? Have you ever wanted to make new friends but felt unable to reach out? Have you ever wanted to be included in the activities of others but somehow were always overlooked? Imagine how you would feel […]

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The City Kittens And The Old House Cat – Review & Giveaway

The City Kittens And The Old House Cat

The City Kittens And The Old House Cat – Review It is Christmastime at Mrs. D’s home. Nyda – her old house cat – is happy to be inside, away from the harsh bitter elements that winter brings. She worries about her outdoor friends – and she misses Nicky, her former feline companion – but […]

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