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Cue Cards For Life – Book Review

Help doesn’t have to be complicated to be meaningful.

Do you sometimes find yourself in social situations where you aren’t sure what to say?

Is there someone important in your life with whom communication seems consistently strained?

Are you having trouble handling a difficult co-worker or communicating effectively in the workplace?

No matter how effective a communicator you may normally be, chances are, there’s at least one person or situation that stretches your current communication skills to the limit.

That’s why Christina Steinorth has written Cue Cards For Life – Thoughtful Tips For Better Relationships. As a marriage and family therapist, Christina has seen important relationships de-rail over the tiniest of things – and she wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

Cue Cards For Life is a practical, portable tip book filled with tips (in the form of little “cue cards” sprinkled throughout the book) to help you master the most common relationship problems people encounter in their relationships. Aside from the first chapter, which covers the basic skills that everyone should master, the book is designed as a reference tool you can refer to whenever you need assistance in a specific area.

Need to improve your Love Relationships? You’ll learn general cues for building a healthy relationship, review tips for maneuvering your way through arguments and disagreements, and discover how to nurture your relationship.

Having trouble in specific areas? Christina has you covered! She has developed cue cards for new couples, parents and in-laws. She’ll walk you through emotionally-laden situations such as pregnancy and birth. She addresses general family etiquette and helps you deal with difficult situations such as grief and loss. She’ll help you to become a better friend and to maneuver through challenging situations in the workplace. She helps parents and teens communicate more effectively. She’ll even teach you how to apologize in a way that the other person can hear!

One of the reasons this book is so important is that it helps you face situations that you have never encountered before. For example, Chapter 5 teaches you how to interact with your aging parents. The information in this section is so important, it also appears as a checklist at the end of the book!

Every now and then you come across a book that everyone could benefit from reading. Cue Cards For Life is one of these books. Pick up a copy for yourself and for someone you love!

About Christina Steinorth

Christina Steinworth

Christina Steinorth is a Psychotherapist with a private practice in Santa Barbara, CA, a sought after Relationship Expert who frequently appears in the media, and the author of Cue Cards For Life.

When Christina isn’t writing or working with clients, she enjoys boating, bicycling, hiking, and volunteering at a local Basset Hound Rescue.

She lives on the Central Coast of California with her husband, their black Pug, Sigmund, and their Basset Hound, Winston.

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