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Book Review – Freefall To Fly

What is your calling in life?
Who were you created to be?
What things have you always dreamed about?
What happens when those dreams die?
Who will catch you when you freefall?

These are some of the questions Rebekah Lyons explores in Freefall To Fly – A Breathtaking Journey Toward A Life Of Meaning.

Freefall To Fly takes you on Rebekah’s personal search for meaning as she finds herself experiencing paralyzing panic attacks and battling deep depression shortly after moving from Atlanta to New York City. She describes the circumstances that lead to her depression – circumstances that are unique to her situation yet familiar to many women – and shares chilling statistics about depression and women throughout the book.

Rebekah writes of her experience with such painstaking detail, you will feel her angst on every page. Interspersed between the details are moments of profundity that anyone who has wrestled with a “dark night of the soul” experience will recognize. Freefall To Fly is raw, poetic, and powerful.

While this book won’t appeal to everyone, those who enjoy highly reflective, introspective writing, those who enjoy books about the meaning of life, and those interested in how people work through depression and anxiety may find this enlightening.

Following is one of the many quote-worthy passages I marked in this book.

Who will catch us when we fall?

We don’t have an answer, so we stay far from the ledge. Far from the possibility of failure or pain. Because falling without a safety net terrifies us. Never mind that we are equipped with wings on our backs, rusty from disuse. Wings we’ve had since childhood that have been clamped down so long they aren’t sure how to spring forth anymore. We fear they aren’t strong enough to carry us now, so we peek over the ledge at the lush growth and waterfall below, but we wouldn’t dare jump. Instead we toil responsibly in the life we’ve created. Far from the ledge.

I shared another quote during the April 2013 Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon.

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  1. Michele
    Twitter: MikiHope

    Not my type of book-but I can definitely see where the author is coming from.


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