WOYWW & WW: A Tale Of Two Cats

A Table Built For Two

Once upon a time a nice young couple had a table of their very own. It served many useful functions.

They ate there. They worked there. They entertained there. They created many beautiful and delicious things there.

Then along came two creatures we shall simply call “the cats”.

The cats decided the table was the greatest invention since caged mice! They began sleeping there. They began playing there. They began taking their meals and phone calls from there!

The nice young couple tried to reclaim the space but their efforts were in vain. No amount of toys, turkey, or catnip could persuade those cats to leave their perch for very long. Any attempts to remove the gargantuan creatures resulted in strained shoulders on the part of the presumptuous party!

So, the table-less couple are taking a poll. Should they set up a schedule and hope the cats cooperate in the new time-share plan? Should they take up a collection for a set of new TV trays?

Share your thoughts and have a purr-fect WOYWW & Wordless Wednesday!

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62 Responses to “WOYWW & WW: A Tale Of Two Cats”

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  1. Rose @ Walnut Acre says:

    So funny! My guess is you may as well invest in the TV trays. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful cats! Love them.

    I'm not signed into Google right now. It was giving me issues.

  3. Cindy Gay says:

    I think you lost your table. They'd probably still let you work there (but there isn't much space left now, is there?)

  4. Jessi says:

    I would invest in some TV trays! They're so cute!

  5. alicia says:

    Looks to me like you may not have a choice at all. lol.

  6. Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families says:

    Maincoons are stubborn. Stubborn and big and heavy and smart and, at times, disdainful upon their human counterparts.
    You lost. Sorry!!! :))))

  7. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud says:

    I'd save up for the tv trays! 😉

  8. Uyen says:

    oh my…you poor thing! I don't think that you will ever get your table back. Too funny!

  9. Hands to Work, Hearts to God says:

    oh dear, why not a new table! Patsy from

  10. Elaine Harding says:

    The picture made me lol! Typical moggie behaviour! #4

  11. Cathy says:

    Ahhh the table lost to the cats … I have my craft space and chair quite regularly hijacked!
    Happy Wednesday,
    Cathy xx

  12. jude says:

    Oh think youve lost theyve WON!and took over defo!Hope you get to create this week
    hugs judex 14

  13. Wipso says:

    Think you might as well just give up and buy a new table 🙂
    A x

  14. Helen says:

    I think you have lost out to the cats!

  15. Doone says:

    you will be needing a new desk or two, My cat prefers to sit on my keyboard, or my easel _why??? it cannot be comfortable.

  16. JoZart says:

    I too think you've had it forever… gone, theirs, not your's ever again. you'll just have to invest… and then I bet they take over the new stuff!
    JoZarty xxx

  17. Spyder says:

    those cats just know they have it made!! HappyWOYWW

  18. peggy aplSEEDS says:

    LOL, it seems clear to me who the bosses are!

  19. Linda Elbourne says:

    TV trays it is then :0)

  20. Julia Dunnit says:

    Well this proves the old – 'you're nobody until you've been owned by a cat' theory! I'm all for retraining and winning my table back, but I rather suspect that it would be quieter and moore dignified to buy a couple lap trays!!

  21. Emily in Wonderland says:

    TV TRYS! Brilliance! Pure brilliance! I concurr! The table is gone. If you don't want the felines upon the table, thee shall have to rid they selfs of thy table.


  22. Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook says:

    LOL, you lose 🙂 Go for the trays!

  23. Kristine says:

    I lost my table to two cats as well. We gave in and got table trays. Much easier that way. Lord knows you can't make a cat do anything…

  24. Karen and Gerard says:

    I think the TV trays may be a good solution! Cats rule!

  25. Sunshine Girl says:

    I think you are going to have to get new trays! I did as my two children keep thinking that they can leave their lego all over my tables too! Sunshine Girl No. 40

  26. Mommy's Paradise says:

    I can hear you, there was a time in my life when I had three cats, a little crowded on the table ;-). How about getting a folding table just for you and your other half?

  27. Cauliflower Cupcake says:

    Tv trays – you'll never out smart those cats !
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca(51) x

  28. bethannchiles.com says:

    I don't think you will ever get the table back…start the collection for the tv trays immediately. They look so happy—how could you disturb them??? 🙂

  29. Quirky Boots says:

    giggles – and what gorgeous puddys 🙂 x

  30. Diane says:

    Awww thats like my kitties – Jewel loves our bed and Harley likes the window seat!

  31. Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf says:

    Fund raise and buy them their own TV so they can watch the CCN (Cat Channel Network). 🙂
    ~Naila Moon

  32. NatashaMay says:

    Love what's on your table. 🙂 Who can resist cats?! Happy WOYWW! 🙂

  33. fairyrocks says:

    Too funny, I say TV tables for the Royal Felines

  34. Sugar the Golden Retriever says:

    Woof! Woof! Wish I can do that. Happy W W. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  35. Stacy Uncorked says:

    LOL! I love it! Sounds like your cats rule like our cats do – we've had to relocate our dinnertime to the coffee table instead. 😉 TV trays would be great, though! 😉

    WW: Curriculum Fair Fun with YoYo's

  36. Lori @ According to Gus says:

    Hi there – hopping by from BlogPaws. I vote for TV trays – it looks to me like the table officially belongs to the cats. 🙂

  37. Andrea says:

    The cats always get the best seat in the house!

  38. PawPurrry says:

    I think you should just move into their space…so…start taking your own meals out of their bowls…and sleeping in their beds… if you make it appealing enough for them (because you "love" it so much) they may return to their own spaces…and if not…then you at least have new spaces of your own – the cat bowls & beds : )

  39. Moms Own Words - Kristi says:


    I am visiting from the Free Hot Samples Blog Hop. I am following your blog and a newsletter subscriber. Would love a follow on my blog and my facebook page

    Thanks very much!!

  40. Tammy says:

    So funny! We don't actually have a table, but I'm sure if we did, the cats would try to claim it in our house as well! 🙂

  41. Sandy Cimbaro says:

    Invest in TV trays. That is what we had to do!

  42. Sarah says:

    These two look like gate keepers! I think they are pretty much daring you to try to take away their table.

  43. Maggie S. says:

    They look well loved. I bet you end up with TV trays.

  44. Lori says:

    Super adorable!

  45. Chris @ the cat/dog log says:

    I'd say tv trays are probably your best bet at this point. I used to have control over my two cats, thought I had them trained to stay off counters and the table. But after my older cat Jackie died, we acquired a young headstrong kitty named Lola, and she refused all training efforts. And to make things worse, now Gidget who used to mind, watched Lola and follows her lead. We're sunk! Happy WW

  46. triciasconfetti says:

    Dogs have owners, cats have staff – youi have lost the table now . TV trays it is .
    Your post made me laugh.
    x Tricia(53)

  47. Sylvia/LittleTreasures says:

    Don't they just capture our hearts!!! Yours are beautiful. They all have what they want. Baxter and Bailey now know that meowing will get them about anything.
    Happy WOYWW, thanks for sharing a cute blog.

  48. The Jacobsen Family! says:

    LOL! Cats are the royalty of the home, after all! =)
    Happy WW!

  49. Hazel says:

    They certainly have claimed that table for themselves! x Hazel 130

  50. Terry and Shirley SU says:

    They're there to supervise you! lol Great looking cats.

    Terry #129

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