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NIV Leadership Bible – Book Review

Today I’d like to introduce you to a unique Bible from Zondervan called the NIV Leadership Bible – Leading By The Book. This is not a traditional Study Bible that contains general study notes on the Bible in its entirety. Instead, this is a Topical Study Bible that asks the question:

What does the Bible teach us about leadership?

All of the study materials included throughout this Bible are designed to help you answer that question.

The premise of this Bible is this:

God, in His Word, has laid out principles for leadership that can be used profitably by all people who are in a position to lead others – whether in business or ministry, in the school or the home.

You will find the following study resources inside of the NIV Leadership Bible:

  • An in-depth Leadership Study System that is structured into two parts. First, there are 52 Home Pages, located near significant Bible passages, that introduce the leadership principle of the week and are divided into a 5-day study. Then, there are Leadership Principles located throughout the Bible that provide important insights into key aspects of your personal development, skills and relationships that you need to develop as a believer and as a leader.
  • A Book Introduction that includes the book’s main Leadership Principles, as well as a Summary and a Chart outlining the book’s contents.
  • Bible Study “Windows” containing nearly 650 commentaries related to the biblical leadership principles you are studying.
  • Over 70 Character Profiles that show how Bible characters excelled – or failed – in their leadership roles throughout the Bible.
  • A Topical Index listing key leadership topics.
  • A Bibliography noting books of interest to those in leadership roles.

There are a number of things that I like about the NIV Leadership Bible. First, when I saw the title, I thought that the Bible would only appeal to a specialized audience, but after evaluating the study, I really believe that the leadership study would benefit everyone – not just those in a leadership role. The study is extremely practical and accessible to all, and deals a lot with things like character building that every person – regardless of their station in life – can benefit from!

NIV Leadership Bible - Italian Leather DuoTone

Review Copy

Second – I was surprised when I received not the usual hardback copy of this Bible to review, but the leather bound version of the book. The Italian duo-toned leather version, with its soft, supple cover and its beautiful, gold-gilded pages, is a delight to use and to hold! If you are giving a gift or looking for a nice Bible for yourself – treat yourself to the  leather version if possible.

And now – a few caveats.

As much as I love this Bible – if you are shopping for your very first study Bible – I would recommend a general study Bible over this one, because the study notes in this Bible are strictly topical (everything is geared towards looking through the Bible through the lens of what it says about leadership). This is not meant to detract from this Bible in any way – just a helpful hint for the novice shopper. However, if you are looking for a specialized Bible – and, specifically, if you are a leader or are looking for a book on how to become a better leader – I can’t think of a better study to recommend than this one – from the Word of God itself!

Next, I could not find the specific font size for this Bible, but it appears to be the standard size Bible font. This is fine for many readers, but, if you are a member of the “large print” club – you will need to get out your reading glasses for this one!

The pages are white and all of the text is black (with the insight boxes being printed with black text on a grey background). This does make reading easier on the eyes than many of the current trendier Bibles on the market – but, for those of you who like to see the words of Christ in red print – that feature is lacking.

Also, at the current time, this Bible only appears to be available in the popular NIV translation.

Caveats aside – I really like the NIV Leadership Bible and, in spite of the tiny print – I’m looking forward to delving deep into these studies. This Zondervan Bible is a winner in my eyes!

This Bible is available in two formats:

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  1. Joanne Viola says:

    What a beautiful Bible to receive for review! And wonderful to give this to someone in leadership!


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