Do You Have The Courage To Be You? By Jenny Williamson

Do You Have The Courage To Be You

Do You Have The Courage To Be You? – Book Review

Jenny Williamson believes that we were all born with a purpose. She believes that God created each of us specifically to do something special – something that we have been uniquely created to do. And, she believes that finding our purpose and living out life in accordance with our God-given purpose leads us to the greatest adventure we could ever imagine.

In order to accomplish this, however, there are two key questions we must ask ourselves:

  • Do we know what our God-given purpose is?
  • Do we have the courage to pursue to be ourselves?

In Do You Have The Courage To Be You? – a faith-based book that’s part motivational, part self-help and part memoir – Jennifer shares with us the question and the process that led her to uncover the passion and purpose God put inside of her – and provides us with steps for uncovering our own destiny.

One thing that distinguishes Do You Have The Courage To Be You? from other books designed to help you uncover your life purpose is that Jenny emphasizes that knowing what you should be doing and mustering the courage to pursue that path are two entirely different things. In Part One of her book, Jenny focuses on helping you uncover your identity; In Part Two, she focuses on helping you fulfill your destiny.

Jenny’s destiny has led her to provide safe havens for children who are rescued from the horrors of sex trafficking – children who Jenny reminds us God also created for a unique and beautiful purpose.

Whether or not you know why you or here – are searching for answers – or are trying to muster up the courage to pursue the path you believe you should be on, you’re sure to find Do You Have The Courage To Be You? an inspiring book to read.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Video – A World-Changing Destiny

About Jenny Williamson

Jenny Williamson

Jenny Williamson is the Founder and CEO of Courage Worldwide, an international, non-profit organization that builds homes for children rescued out of sex trafficking around the world. For her efforts and impact, she has received numerous awards. She resides in Northern California with her family.

Jenny was recently honored as a top 10 nominee in L’Oreal’s Women of Worth campaign. Learn more about her work in the following video.

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  1. This sounds like a great book, I am working on figuring out what exactly God wants me to do and this would be so good for me. Thanks so much for writing this review, otherwise I would never have known about the book. Thanks again!

    • Awesome Nikki – so glad you stopped by!
      Be sure to visit the tour links – there is a giveaway going on for the book (LOTS of copies) –
      You might get lucky and win a copy! 🙂

  2. Tami says:

    This is something I’m struggling with right now. I’m pretty sure God is wanting me to homeschool my son, yet I find myself doubting that it’s true. Acting on it scares me. I want to read this book.

    I enjoy your linkups to Literacy Musing Mondays!

    • Thanks Tami! Be sure to enter the giveaway over at the Tour site for a chance to win this book – and do join us at The Book Nook for more contributions from our awesome community! 🙂

  3. Lila says:

    Sounds like a great read. Thanks

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