The Weekly Habits Project – Book Review

The Weekly Habits Project – A Challenge To Journal, Reflect And Make Tiny Changes For Big Results One of my favorite Scriptures in the Bible is Romans 12:2 NKJV, which says: And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that […]

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But God Can by Becky Kiser – Book Review

But God Can by Becky Kiser book review

But God Can – How To Stop Striving And Live Purposely And Abundantly Have you ever felt stuck in life because something that happened in the past continues to haunt you? Can you recall a time you needed emotional support and practical assistance but were unable to get either because you were taught to never […]

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But First God: An Audio Memoir Of Spiritual Discovery by Julie Chen Moonves

But First God -Julie Chen Moonves

But First God: An Audio Memoir Of Spiritual Discovery by Julie Chen Moonves It’s been awhile since I have been so captivated by an audiobook that I have listened to it non-stop since I’ve downloaded it. But I have been totally captivated by Julie Chen Moonves’ new book, But First God: An Audio Memoir Of […]

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Stay True Daily Planner & Father I Pray Journal Review

Stay True Daily Planner

Stay True Daily Planner – A Full Year Bible Reading Guide Are you the type of woman who likes to plan every aspect of her life? Do setting goals and creating plans to achieve them make your heart sing? Are you especially interested in planning the spiritual aspects of your life? If so, you’re in […]

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A More Beautiful Life – Book Review

A More Beautiful Life 1

A More Beautiful Life by Whitney English – Book Review Are you a woman who’s ready to create a life you love but finds that traditional goal-setting and productivity books don’t seem to work for you? It’s not that you aren’t prepared to define your goals and put them into action. It’s just that traditional, […]

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Who Are You Following – Book Review

Who Are You Following - Feature Photo

Who Are You Following by Sadie Robertson Huff – Book Review Who do you think currently has the greatest impact on your life? Take a moment and jot down whoever comes to mind. Besides their name, also jot down the number of hours you spend with that person each day. Now, think about how much […]

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Are You Struggling? Take The Overcoming Adversity Course

Overcoming Adversity

If you are going through a difficult time right now or facing challenging circumstances, perhaps you’re wondering: Why has this terrible situation happened to me? Is there a reason everything seems so hard? How can I remain spiritually strong even in the midst of trials? It that’s the case, let me assure you that you […]

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The Difficult Words Of Jesus – Book Review

The Difficult Words Of Jesus – Book Review When you ask the average person what they think about the Bible and the things that Jesus taught, they often respond with relatively positive answers like “He was a good teacher”, “He was a good role model”, and “He tried to make a difference in people’s lives.” […]

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