Letters From My Father’s Murderer – Book Review

Letters From My Fathers Murderer

Letters From My Father’s Murderer – Book Review

When something terrible happens – you just know.

You may not know the circumstances but you can feel that something is not right. There’s a shift in your spirit that happens – an uneasiness that you cannot shake.

Laurie A. Coombs felt it from the moment she received the phone call from her aunt and uncle. She felt it as she drove up to their porch – and she felt it even before her aunt uttered those terrible words:

Your dad was murdered last night.
He’s dead.

How do you respond to news as terrible, as earth-shattering, as unimaginable as that?

In that moment, Laurie writes:

I wanted to lash out. I wanted to scream. I wanted to hit something, throw something. I was so totally and completely full of anger and hatred that it nearly consumed me, And as I sat there on that chair, I felt a tidal wave of grief overtake every part of my soul, as I came to know intimately the pain I had seen in my aunt’s eyes only moments before.

When you suffer that type of senseless loss – when someone takes away something precious from your life that can never be replaced – how do you move from a place of anger, bitterness and hatred to a place of renewed faith, hope and forgiveness?

Is it even possible?

Letters From My Father’s Murderer by Laurie A. Coombs is the raw, honest and inspiring story of how one woman comes face to face with the worst that humanity has to offer and – with God’s grace – finds a way through the darkness.

Laure writes:

They say time heals all wounds, but that’s simply not true. Time only dulls the pain, God heals the wounds.

If you are dealing with a painful circumstance in your life where you are struggling with forgiveness, I encourage you to read Letters From My Father’s Murderer to see how God can help you to overcome the most difficult – make that the most impossible – of circumstances.

Honestly written, sensitively presented, and courageously explored, Letters From My Father’s Murderer is on my list of books you should definitely read this year.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

About Laurie A Coombs

Laurie A Coombs

Laurie A. Coombs is a passionate writer and speaker on the issues of forgiveness, redemption, and the hope that is found in Jesus. Her story was featured in Billy Graham’s new film, Heaven. She is a featured writer and blogger for iBelieve and Crosswalk. Laurie and her husband, Travis, make their home in Nevada along with their two daughters.


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  1. LuAnn Braley
    Twitter: KentuckyGal

    Wow…I’d have a rough time forgiving something like that.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      I don’t think it is possible to forgive someone of something like that on our own – but with God, all things are possible.
      Have a lovely weekend LuAnn and I hope you have a chance to read this book – it’s powerful.

  2. Ashley Hales says:

    Thank you for your review! I’m so glad you linked up for Literacy Musing Monday!

  3. Mary Hill
    Twitter: MaryHill16

    Great book review. I wish I had more time to read them all. Thanks for linking up with Literacy Musing Mondays. 🙂

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