The Hollow Man by Paul Hollis – Book Review & Giveaway

The Hollow Man

The Hollow Man – Book Review

This summer, I watched the movie Three Days Of The Condor for the first time.

What struck me most about the classic 1975 Robert Redford CIA thriller was – unlike modern films, which often overly rely upon devices such as special effects to keep you entertained and engaged – that movie relied on a solid plot and strong characters that kept you glued to the edge of your seat as the tension and psychological suspense intensified throughout the story.

The same can be said of the book The Hollow Man by Paul Hollis.

Like Three Days Of The Condor, The Hollow Man is a suspense/thriller set in the 1970s. The story is told from the vantage point of Doc – an inexperienced NSA analyst who is tasked with monitoring the activities of Chaban – an extremely dangerous assassin and terrorist.

When Chaban assassinates the Prime Minister of Spain and plots to destroy Europe’s economy, Doc finds himself in one dangerous situation after another as he traipses across Spain and France in search of the madman.

Of course, Doc’s analytical training has not thoroughly equipped him for the dangerous situations he now finds himself faced with out in the field. Fortunately, he has one friend he can trust – the beautiful and highly skilled M16 agent named Zita – who is more than capable of handling herself in dangerous situations and keeping him safe as well!

The Hollow Man is a well-written story that weaves historical events and characters into a tale of international intrigue that’s full of unexpected twists and turns – and even moments of dark humor!

Although sensitive readers will not appreciate the elements of violence and profanity that the book contains, fans of stories like Three Days Of The Condor will most likely enjoy The Hollow Man!

Worlds Best Story

Did I mention that in 2014, The Hollow Man won 2nd Place in the World’s Best Story contest?

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars!

About Paul Hollis

Paul Hollis

Paul Hollis has travelled all of his life. He has lived in all 50 states and has worked in 48 countries, spanning 5 continents. These experiences helped inspired the novels The Hollow Man series and to bring a unique viewpoint to Paul’s mesmerizing thrillers.

Paul holds a dual BA in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Illinois. He is an active member of International Thriller Writers and the St. Louis Writers Guild, as well as an international conference speaker.

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  1. mousecat says:

    If ‘The Hollow Man’ won 2nd Place in the 2014 World’s Best Story contest I know I need to read this – I cannot pass up a good story!

  2. gloria says:

    I would like to read the Hollow Man because it sounds like an interesting read and I like this type book

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