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Did you know that the decisions we make at the grocery store not only impact our well-being and our family’s health, but they also make an incredible difference in the lives of the nearly 9 billion animals who are raised for meat, milk and eggs in the US – particularly those who are living in inhumane conditions on factory farms?

And animals are not the only ones affected. Factory farms impact human health too. They can be breeding grounds for the dangerous pathogens and antibiotics used to prevent disease, and the potential for dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria to develop.


That’s why I’d like to invite you to participate in Shop With Your Heart – an exciting new initiative that the ASPCA has launched to help improve the lives of farm animals everywhere and – in the process – help improve human health!

The Shop With Your Heart program allows us to: fully harness the power of our collective purchases and demand better lives for farm animals by giving consumers the resources they need to recognize, locate and demand welfare-certified meat, eggs and dairy products as well as plant-based alternatives.


It’s really easy to participate in this program. Here are a few ways that you can get involved!

  • Buy welfare-certified animal products and more plant-based products to send a strong message to food companies that you care about the treatment of farm animals.
  • Visit Shop With Your Heart to sign the pledge and receive access to the exclusive Shop With Your Heart Grocery List, which contains welfare-certified and widely available plant-based brands.

    ASPCA Shop With Your Heart

  • Post a photo of yourself on your social media channels making the “heart hands” to show solidarity with the movement with sample language like: “Join the movement with me and pledge to #ShopWithYourHeart! @ASPCA.”
  • Share the link to this post with your readers on your blog and social media channels!

We are animal people and together, we can make a difference!

We Are Animal People Video

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Disclosure: This article was written on behalf of the ASPCA. We are sharing this information because we believe it will interest you, our valued reader.

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