He Calls You Beautiful by Dee Brestin – Book Review

He Calls You Beautiful

He Calls You Beautiful: Hearing The Voice Of Jesus In The Song Of Songs – Book Review

It doesn’t matter what season of life you are in – young or old, single or married, divorced or widowed – whether you are plain or pretty, barren or fertile, popular or marginalized – deep in the heart of the Bible, God placed a special book there for you.

That book – the Song Of Songs – isn’t a book that gets much press from the pulpit – you rarely hear sermon series preached on it – but Bible teacher Dee Brestin believes that as one of the most fascinating and most misunderstood books of the Bible, it deserves our attention.

She believes that a proper understanding of this book and its message is so important to us women that she’s written a new Bible study called He Calls You Beautiful: Hearing The Voice Of Jesus In The Song Of Songs.

He Calls You Beautiful provides us with an intimate look at the passionate relationship between a man and a woman and through their earthly love story, shows us the intense love that God has for us, His beloved bride.

Dee is a well-versed Bible teacher whose insights into the historical, cultural and poetic aspects of this book I appreciated. She walks you through the Song of Songs verse by verse, providing you with space in He Calls You Beautiful to answer the questions and jot down notes. The book is perfect for small group study as leader facilitation notes are included as well.

If you are looking for a unique Bible study that takes you into an often overlooked portion of Scripture to deepen your understanding of God’s deep love for you, then you will enjoy He Calls You Beautiful and find yourself in good hands with Dee Brestin as your guide.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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About Dee Brestin

Dee Brestin

Dee Brestin is the author of several Fisherman guides, including Proverbs and Parables and Building Your House on the Lord. She has also written Falling in Love with Jesus (with Kathy Troccoli) and The Friendships of Women. She and her husband, Steve, have five children and four grandchildren.


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  1. Michelle says:

    I love this book.
    Isn’t it wonderful that He calls us beautiful!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Many readers are afraid to get into the Son of Songs.
    However, it really is a very beautiful book.

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