Your Marriage God’s Mission – Book Review

Your Marriage God's Mission

Your Marriage God’s Mission: Discovering Your Spiritual Purpose Together

Have you ever felt that God brought you and your spouse together to serve Him for a unique and specific purpose (if only you could figure out what it was?)

Thanks to Clint and Penny A. Bragg, you don’t have to wonder what your purpose as a couple is any longer. Their book, Your Marriage God’s Mission: Discovering Your Spiritual Purpose Together will help you to discover what your purpose as a couple in God’s kingdom is all about!

The book opens with a compelling back-story about how their individual brokenness originally tore their marriage apart – but how God brought them back together and helped them find healing and purpose in life. Through their transformational experience, they’ve created this amazing book which takes couples on a spiritual journey to find their mission in life.

As a couple, you’ll engage in prayer and a series of exercises that will teach you how to:

  • Write a joint mission statement
  • Examine the seven pillars of marriage
  • Learn to safeguard your relationship from division
  • Awaken to the need for humility and servant leadership in all facets of your marriage

Just as every individual has a calling from God, every marriage has a specific mission: discover yours by picking up this godsend of a book!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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  1. So wonderful when 2 lives come together for the glory of God!

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