Healing Your Church Hurt by Stephen Mansfield – Book Review & Giveaway

Healing Your Church Hurt by Stephen Mansfield

Originally Published As Rechurch Healing Your Church Hurt – Book Review How many of you have ever suffered emotional or spiritual wounding as the result of attending church – the very place that’s supposed to draw you closer to God and deepen your relationship with the Body of Christ? I have. For years, I grappled […]

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The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest by Kim Garst

Pinterest E-Book

E-Book Review & Giveaway The promise of technology is this idea that no matter where you are, Where you come from, what you’ve done, Your impact can be magnified all over the world. Ben Silbermann Founder & CEO of Pinterest Pinterest E-Book Review In November 2009, a boyhood bug collector named Ben Silbermann began building […]

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He Heard Hannah – Review & Giveaway

He Heard Hannah by Lynnette Kraft

He Heard Hannah – Book Review Does God use tragedy to draw us to Him? How can a person suffering devastating loss continue to praise God? When does physical death lead to new life? These are just a few of the questions two strangers find themselves grappling with in He Heard Hannah, an amazing but true story that Comfort Publishing is releasing […]

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Stuck by Jennie Allen

Stuck DVD-Based Study by Jennie Allen

Today’s Thought Don’t just learn truth – live truth. Jennie Allen Have you ever walked around with a big smile on your face, pretending to be happy while inside, you felt broken? Are you ever overcome by waves of sadness or fear? Are there days when you look around and just feel overwhelmed by everything […]

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Food Allergy & Gluten-Free Weight Loss

Food Allergy And Gluten Free Weight Loss

Are you interested in losing weight and/or improving your overall health? Do you suffer from chronic health conditions where a nutritionally balanced diet could increase your energy and well-being? Are you looking for creative tips and recipes for incorporating healthy dishes into your family’s meal plan? Then pick up a copy of Food Allergy And Gluten-Free […]

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The Chronicles Of Zee & Zoey by Deborah Barnes

The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey

The Chronicles Of Zee & Zoey A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary Author: Deborah Barnes Publication Date: October 15, 2011 Embrace the ordinary in your life And dare to make it extraordinary. Deborah Barnes Imagine living in a world where nothing is mundane… a world where adventure awaits you around every corner… a world where […]

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Bound For Glory – Spirituals & Calligraphy

Bound For Glory

Bound For Glory Celebrating the Gift of African American Spirituals Through Expressive Calligraphy Author/Illustrator: Timothy R. Botts Reflections: Patricia Raybon Publication Date: November 2011 ISBN Number: 978-1-4143-5453-8 These miracle songs are an example of how God Can take our deepest pain and, in response to our faith, Create something beautiful. Timothy Botts I have always […]

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Crafting With Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya

Crafting With Cat Hair

Crafting With Cat Hair Cute Handicrafts To Make With Your Cat Author: Kaori Tsutaya Publication Date: October 11, 2011 ISBN Number: 978-1-59474-525-6 Are you a crafter seeking innovative ideas for your next crafting project? Are you a cat lover looking for new ways to demonstrate how much you love your favorite feline? If so, then […]

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Living Close To God by Gene Edwards

Living Close To God

Living Close To God By Gene Edwards Published: October 4, 2011 ISBN: 0307730190 When was the last time you came across a book whose premise held great promise, but whose approach left you cold… A book that captured your interest at the start, but caused you to struggle midway, and left you concerned, disappointed, and unsatisfied by book’s […]

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Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures To Make
And Share


MicroCrafts Tiny Treasures To Make And Share Release Date: October 4, 2011 ISBN: 9781594745218 Could you use some cute and creative ideas for crafting on a budget? Are you enchanted by tiny trinkets and all things small? Would you love to turn ordinary scraps and household items into miniature works of art? If so, you will […]

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