Amber Ink #5: How Many Carrots?

Amber Ink Project 5 - How Many Carrots Birthday Card

Rumor has it that a certain Some-Bunny will be celebrating her birthday shortly! The date is a secret. The location is a mystery. And certain questions, such as these, are best left to the imagination… How many carrots are on that cake? Carrots, you see, are the language of the Amber Ink Love Bunnies – […]

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Amber Ink #4: A Tale Of Three Hearts

Amber Ink Carved With Care

I love hearts. No matter how many hearts fill my stamp room, there always seems to be room for more. So, as soon as I saw Amber Ink’s Carved With Care Heart, I knew it would not be long before it hopped into my online shopping cart and onto a card! Amber Ink Carved With Care Digital […]

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Amber Ink #1: Feel Like Miss America


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel so good, you’re ready to take on the world? You’re dolled up in your prettiest dress. You’re bursting with confidence. You’re smiling and waving at everyone you meet. You feel so good, you feel like Miss America! That’s the feeling the Oh What A […]

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WOYWW 45: The Altered Torso Project

he Altered Torso Project - Fashionista & Kindness

Happy What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday! Last week, I shared that I was participating in the Art Every Day challenge at Creative Every Day. I’m thrilled to report that this challenge has been just what I’ve needed to get my creative juices flowing! I’ve had more ideas flowing through my mind than I can keep up with […]

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