Friendship Friday From A To Z – #102

Friendship Friday

Welcome to Friendship Friday!

Friendship Friday at Create With Joy is a week-long event where you can:

  • Share what’s unique about you and your blog!
  • Foster friendships with other bloggers!
  • Expand your social media networks!

To kick off 2014, you are invited on a creative journey through the alphabet! Please join us as we launch Friendship Friday from A to Z!

Each week, you are invited to share posts that spotlight the featured letter of the week. You’re also invited to link up your home page and social media links on the week that your blog begins with the featured letter of the week!

Consider this an inspiring way to:

  • Jump-start your creativity.
  • Explore new blogging opportunities and avenues.
  • Think outside the box.
  • Write about and create new things.
  • Feature fabulous but long-forgotten content from your back-posts!

Our challenge to you is to express yourself in ways that brings you joy and spotlight the uniqueness of your blog!

We’d do the Happy Dance if you spread the word about Friendship Friday by adding our beautiful blog button to your posts/blog and spread the word on your social media sites so that others can join the fun!

And a blog or social media follow on BlogLovin, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or Pinterest might make us swoon!

Ideas For Exploring The Letter A

A is for Amazing

Here are some ideas to jump-start your creativity this week!

  • Write your Autobiography!
  • Create or update your All About Me Page!
  • Install the Alexa Bar on your browser to improve your blog’s ranking!
  • Take Action towards your goals and write about it!
  • Show off your Artistic talents – share your Arts & Crafts!
  • Share a book review from your favorite Author!
  • Share a song by your favorite recording Artist!
  • Blog about something meaningful, like Autism or Activism!
  • Write topically. For example, what does Abundance mean to you?
  • Wrote about someplace you’ve visited. Ever been to Aruba – or Alaska?
  • Share an A-themed recipe! Apples come to mind…
  • Write randomly! Anything goes!
  • Ask a question – and explore the answers yourself!

What better way to get our party started than a musical blast from the past? Here’s a clip from the ABC Song by the Jackson Five when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show! (Ahem – was anyone around to remember that?)

What other ideas can you think of for this theme?

Can’t wait to see who brings their A-Game to this week’s party –
And who gets an A-Plus for connecting with our other guests!

Don’t Miss Out On These Posts!

Meet Magellan

I shared some A+ articles this week. Don’t miss out on these posts!

Have Fun!

Have fun connecting with one another – building friendships is what this community is all about!

For more opportunities to create and connect, join us for Inspire Me Monday and Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. Sharon

    Thanks again for your link up. I wonder if that was Michael Jackson as lead singer? I didn’t follow them–but I’m old enough!

  2. Vickie says:

    Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Yona says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea!

  4. Thanks for hosting!! Jess

  5. Meryl says:

    Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  6. This was a week of inspiration for me. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  7. Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  8. Theresa @DearCreatives
    Twitter: dearcreatives

    Thanks for the party! I love all the ideas. I have actually done a few. Trying to be proactive. I definitely need to update my about page and thinking of a new redesign too! Happy Friendship Friday!

  9. I hope your new year has started off wonderfully. 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for hosting…again 🙂 Blessings to you this New Year!

  11. Christina Morley
    Twitter: tinarobmorley

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing and hosting.

  12. Mystery Case
    Twitter: msmysterycase

    Having a fabulous week and looking forward to catching up with lots of blog reading over the weekend. We have a heatwave about to hit so indoors with the air conditioning on full blast is where you will find me.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Happy Friendship Friday to you Raych!
      Since it’s Winter here in the States, a lot of our snow-bound friends will be shivering as they read your comment! (smile)
      Since I live in a more temperate zone, I can relate!

  13. Debby Ray says:


    Happy New Yer! Thank you for hosting and providing the opportunity to share!


  14. A is for Avocado as in these Shrimp and Avocado Boats that I am sharing;))) This A-Z sounds like fun!!

    Hugs My Friend

  15. Anne Byerley says:

    Hi Joy,
    Thanks for hosting, nice to be back and am having a ball as usual.
    I hope that you have a fantastic day.
    Love and best wishes.

  16. I didn’t realize you all have a Friday Linky discovered it on a list from Blogging with Simply Stacie. Thank you for the link up. Hope you all have a great weekend.

  17. Thanks for hosting such a great party! Wishing you a great weekend!
    Terri Henkels

  18. Jessica says:

    Thank you for hosting! Have a great weekend!

  19. Thanks for hosting! I made it to week two. Thanks for encouraging me. Have a super-fantastic weekend!

  20. Elizabeth says:

    So catchy! You’ve got us dancing!

  21. I enjoyed reading your As today. What a great motivation! Happy weekend!

  22. XmasDolly
    Twitter: Xmasdolly

    Thanks for the linky my friend. So is this going to be an A thru Z series? How cool! I posted what A meant to me, and just came to me easy peazy! And I have some cool pics of my oldest son growing up. Stop by if you get a chance if not maybe over the weekend. Have a great weekend too and stay warm! HUGS

  23. Sharon says:

    this is a great idea! for me, this year A is for Aggressive! i’m actually making resolutions and hope to achieve them. Hey! Achieve! that one works too 🙂

  24. Wilson Tom says:

    This is my first time linking up with this hop! Thanks for hosting, I am a new follower via G+, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogvin.

  25. What a fun and fabulous link up you have created here!

    A is for amazing and this blog hop is just that!

    In the spirit of A, today I shared the “About” page for and an “Apple” post: “Why an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: 20 Great Reasons to Love Them”

    All the best,

  26. Thanks for hosting this link up, even though I am a little late to the party. I am glad to be able to get in, and be part of the fun. I found you through the Mommy Monday Blog Hop.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to connect.



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