The 4 x 4 Diet by Erin Oprea – Book Review

The 4 x 4 Diet

The 4 x 4 Diet – Book Review

Are you interested in improving your health by adapting a diet and exercise plan that you can easily incorporate into your busy lifestyle? Are you looking for a program with guidelines that offers changes you can sustain for a lifetime?

If so, The 4 x 4 Diet: 4 Key Foods, 4-Minute Workouts, Four Weeks to the Body You Want by former Marine and certified personal trainer Erin Oprea is certainly worth your consideration!

The 4 x 4 Diet is an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand plan that is built upon Erin’s two-part philosophy:

Eat Clean and get lean.

Eating clean means that you focus on eating whole foods – “real foods” – and eliminating processed foods from your diet. Although the concept sounds easy and simple in theory, Erin recognizes that in practice, it is often confusing and difficult to apply. To assist you on your journey to clean eating, Erin provides you with 4 principles to get you started – and provides lots of useful tips and delicious recipes that will have you embracing the clean eating lifestyle in no time!

Getting lean – which she defines in terms of increased muscle definition, reduced bloating and puffiness, improved cardiovascular endurance, and the breaking of sugar and sodium addictions – consists of four-minute workouts called tabatas. Each tabata consists of 20 seconds of high-intensity moves, then 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. There are plenty of tabatas with full instructions and illustrations provided in the book.

Before you begin your tabatas, however, Erin says you should be regularly walking 10,000 steps a day – and she provides guidelines to help you get there if you are not.

One of the things that impressed me about Erin’s book was how personal her passion for helping people to get fit and healthy is. At the beginning of the book, Erin shares how her father’s death deeply impacted her life and helped her to hone her life’s purpose.

The 4 x 4 Diet is an inspiring book that contains up-to-date information on how to overcome the excuses that keep you from getting healthy – practical tips on how to reduce sugar, sodium and alcohol in your diet – and proven advice on how to live a cleaner, leaner life.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

About Erin Oprea

Erin Oprea

Erin Oprea is a former Marine who served our country for nine years, including two tours of duty in Iraq, and made history when she was appointed to lead the first female platoon attached to the infantry in a war zone. During this time, she became more aware than ever of the importance of physical fitness and nutrition.

In 2006, Erin was recertified as a personal trainer (she received her first certification before enlisting in the Marines) and immediately began using her unique fitness and nutrition plans to train an elite group of clients.

Today, she is known as a “Trainer To The Stars” for her work with celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Nettles, but she also trains top business executives and others who live busy lives and are conscientious about their appearance and health.

Erin lives in Nashville with her husband Sean and their two boys.


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  1. Vicki says:

    This sounds like a book I would really enjoy and get some needed advice from.

  2. I can always use advise and motivation from reading about different ways to change up (what I call lifestyle changes!)

    You always write such great reviews!
    Have a great week!

  3. Esther Joy says:

    Sounds like a good plan! All I need is will power to stick with it and overcome my cravings!

  4. Interesting concept. I find it really challenging to get anywhere close to 10,000 steps! Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!

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